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Founder's Vision

24 years ago I started KC High as an after school program with a singular vision of creating an environment to prepare today’s kids to become better global citizens of tomorrow – an environment that sought to foster peer learning, celebrate diversity, and a joy for learning. Stemming from Howard Gardner’s concepts of multiple intelligences, we realized early on, that our teaching practices had to suit different minds. Children think spatially or logically and some are hands on and want to touch, feel and try things out. The Kids Central way was born out of not just recognizing this need, but celebrating this diversity and creating a curriculum that fed into these multiple intelligences.

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KC Kids Central Pre-Prep Ranjith Road Kotturupuram Chennai


At the Pre-Prep level, the special bond between parent and child is nurtured by providing a stimulating environment for both the parent and the child to learn together as they explore the world through their senses.

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Primary School

At the Cambridge Primary level, the school offers a wide range of subjects, viz., Language Arts, with English as a First Language and a choice of Tamil, Hindi or Spanish as Second Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies.

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Middle School

At the Cambridge Secondary 1 level too we offer a wide range of subjects, viz., Language Arts, with English as a First Language and a choice of Tamil, Hindi or Spanish as Second Language, Information and Communication Technology, Art.

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High School

Besides being the most popular international qualifications worldwide for 14 to 16 year olds, IGCSE subject curricula develops skills of communication, creativity, enquiry, research and problem solving.

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OUR MISSION at KC High International School is to provide a joyful and challenging learning environment that caters to a diverse student population and fosters a connect with nature and culture, through a team of caring and passionate facilitators.

Latest News

October 05, 2023

Grade 9 field trip to Cholamandal Artists Village

Grade 9 students visited the Cholamandal Artists' Village on a day that began with damp weather and heavy downpour. As expected, the uneasy weather gave…

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September 21, 2023

INME trips September 2023

The INME trips offer students a chance to immerse themselves in learning amidst the beauty of nature. During these adventures, they disconnect from electronic devices…

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May 11, 2023

INME trips March 2023

INME trips provide an opportunity for students to engage in experiential learning. In the midst of nature they spend gadget free time learning valuable life…

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