4th Graders take a field trip to different places of worship around Chennai

Students from grade IV went on a field trip to different places of worship as part of their Social Science topic “My City”, to understand the history, culture, architecture, traditions and beliefs associated with each place of worship.

Prior to the field trip, the students had read and discussed through different activities key aspects related to major religions. They also discussed features of architecture related to places of worship in Chennai. Students were briefed on the purpose of the visit a day prior to the field trip and were given an elaborate worksheet to record their observations.

The children visited a Jain Temple, Sikh  Gurudwara in T Nagar, the Kapalaeeshwarar Temple in Mylapore , a Mosque in Nandanam and the Santhome Cathedral (church).

People at the Jain Temple and Sikh Gurudwara, were very kind to explain to the children the main religious practices, traditions, and their significance. A KC parent also guided us through as we visited their family mosque in Nandanam. They explained aspects of Islam, recited verses and introduced the children to the Moulvi and Hafiz. The accompanying teachers helped with the Church and Hindu temple visits.

Children asked a lot of questions as usual. They made notes of their observations about the architecture, traditions and life outside the places of worship and discussed their learning with their peers and the teachers who accompanied them.

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