From Maths to Snacks

From Maths to Snacks......

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget” – Alfred Mercier

A few days ago, Grade 1 kids started to learn about 2D shapes. Little did I know about the changes that were going to follow.

Our break time conversations changed from,

“Aunty, I got biscuits for snacks” to “Aunty, I got a rectangular biscuit with squares in it”!

“My cucumber is circle shaped”.

“I changed my toast that was in rectangle shape to square shape by eating half of it”!

Special thanks to a few creative parents, who went one step further to make chapattis in pentagon and octagon shapes.

And did I mention, we now have data for our block chart, which we will learn soon.

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  • lovely ! Same happened when I taught the process of condensation. Children were visibly excited to see droplets when they opened their hot lunches..

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