Technology becokns

I thought writing a text on this site was going to be easy. But hmm, No…Technology had an upper hand on me. I am overwhelmed with the number of templates available, the styles available, the gallery of images……and so on and so forth. All I had wanted to do was pen a few lines about a recent experience with unlearning and relearning. And then, I signed in and was flooded with super, hi-tech visual composer apps. I felt extremely intimidated, and by my own lap top to top it all!!

Technology a boon or a bane is a cliched argument. There is no way out of this era we are in. So, we have to learn to manoeuvre our way through this tech world.

Let’s go back to what I was saying earlier, about unlearning and relearning, the germ for this text. I realised my teaching style had to be upgraded not only with newer methods and more relevant ideas but with better ……..Technological aides.Ha!! The course I had attended had remodelled itself to become relevant in today’s era with the use of various apps and aides. But I had yet to do this as thoroughly.

The children born in this era have technology in various forms thrown at them from the time they are born. How do they deal with this ? Is all of the information assimilated by them? How much information or gadget use is ‘too much’ and who gets to decide that?

So many questions…….But some last questions from me- Am I so overwhelmed by technology that I feel insecure and unsure of my talents as a human being? Has the machine won the war against me, a human?

I know there are many wonderful teachers out there who have a happy marriage with our Tech friends. Do you have suggestions for me to attempt a live -in relationship with this friend, to begin with?  The immediate thing I need is to have the machine grasp my hand and take me through things rather than bombard me with information, newer and more advanced methods, upgraded apps…, etc. I don’t think I’m cut out to upgrade myself like a machine.

Would love to hear from my human friends about all the friends you have made in this tech world.

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