About Us

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KC High International School, OP Campus, Navalur
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Our Vision

KC High International School will be a model institution creating competent, courageous, caring citizens of the world, empowered to build a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a joyful and challenging learning environment that caters to a diverse student population and fosters a connect with nature and culture, through a team of caring and passionate facilitators.

Our Values and Beliefs

  • in creating an environment of high expectations for excellence
  • that every child is unique and every child can learn
  • in supporting wholesome development of students-intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual
  • in providing a nurturing, safe and stimulating learning environment
  • in a learner centric curriculum catering to multiple intelligences, learning styles, individual needs and ability levels
  • in equipping our students to communicate their knowledge, skills and understanding through creative and diverse means
  • in empowering our students to become lifelong learners and employ higher order thinking
  • in fostering deep enquiry and self-reflection to face challenges
  • in treating all stakeholders as responsible partners in the process of education to raise learners as resilient, resourceful, socially conscious, contributing global citizens
  • in providing a climate for individual and collective growth
  • that the onus of the health and safety of learners lies with all stakeholders
  • that the school has a collaborative responsibility with the community
  • that the multicultural diversity of our stakeholders is an asset
  • in evolving a principle centered and an ethical perspective to develop a living culture of tolerance, appreciation, passion, empathy and respect towards all
  • in equipping our learners to comfortably transition to institutions of higher learning across the world with the confidence that a firm foundation in knowledge, skills, understanding, ethics and values has been acquired