Assessment and Feedback

At KC High IGCSE Board Cambridge International School Chennai, we believe that regular, comprehensive and constructive feedback is essential to keep the parents informed of their child’s progress and to facilitate a smooth transition from one grade to another.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school on specific days to get feedback about their child’s progress. Parents can also make an appointment with the teachers and speak to them at any time during the term.

The school sends grade wise weekly reports specifying the topics learned and methodology used, for each subject. Formative and Summative assessments are built into the curriculum for assessing the progress of each child.

Formative assessments are conducted throughout the term and include work done regularly in class and at home in the form of presentations, quizzes, projects, portfolio, worksheets, written essays/stories, oral questioning, discussions, debates, speeches, role play, etc.

Summative assessments are administered at the end of every term. Equal importance is given to both formative and summative assessments, at the end of the term.

Students regularly take the progression tests (set by the CAIE and corrected by teachers in-house) to make sure they are on track. Students also take the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examinations in English, Math, and Science at the end of Year 6 (Grade 5), which serves an external benchmark, providing comprehensive feedback from the CAIE to both students and the school on their skills and competencies in these key curricular subject areas.

Student-led parent conferences every term allow children to identify areas of improvement and set concrete plans for enhancing progress and present it to parents, along with the class teacher.  Term end reports are in-depth, detailed and provide comprehensive data on all areas of development.