Primary School

At the Primary School level , the school offers a wide range of subjects, viz., Language Arts, with English as a First Language and a choice of Tamil, Hindi or Spanish or French as Second Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Visual Arts, Drama, World Music, Movement, and Physical Education.

Being affiliated to the Cambridge Primary Program we follow the curricular framework and schemes of work given by CAIE for English, Mathematics and Science. Our students take the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examinations in English, Math and Science at the end of Year 6 (Grade 5) , which serves an external benchmark, providing comprehensive feedback to both students and the school on their skills and competencies in these key curricular subject areas.

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Learning the KC Way

Grade 5- Service Learning Newsletter

Our theme of service learning is Upcycling and Recycling. We had a lot of discussions about upcycling and recycling. As 

Children’s Day Celebration 2022

The best way to make children good is to make them happy! – Oscar Wilde.  Every child is unique and 

A fun-filled pottery session

The Dynamic Dolphins had a fun-filled pottery session with Mr Ravindhran. He demonstrated a few techniques with clay and shaping 

Choice Time Activities

The Soaring Seagulls volunteered to facilitate fun Choice Time sessions for the little learners of CC and LL. The Risk 

Weekly Reports by the Leaping Lions

 The Leaping Lions, as part of exploring report writing in LA, prepared and wrote their own weekly reports for the 

Lingua Fest 2019

Lingua fest - a day to celebrate and honour the learning of languages. The day began with a multilingual assembly, 

KC High Inter-House Cultural 2019

Amidst deadlines and the IOCs of the IB, the task of bringing together their entire house and do something culturally 

KC High Grade 5 students go on a field trip to study building architecture in Chennai

The learners visited three historical buildings in the city on Monday - Madras Literary Society, Bharathiyar Illam and Bhommai Chathiram 

Non-Verbal Communication Session by Deaf Enabled Foundation, DEF, Chennai

The LLs, GGs and the middle schoolers widened their horizons and learned a new language by interacting with the hearing 

K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar – Renowned Conservation Educator and Filmmaker Conducts Nature as Classroom Session

The Galloping Gazelles attended a session on Nature as Classroom conducted by renowned conservation educator and filmmaker K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar. 

Field Trip: Grade 2 students visit Mylapore’s Kapaleeshwarar Temple

The Leaping Lions explored their cultural heritage with a trip to Mylapore’s Kapaleeshwarar temple.They learnt about the history of the 

Field Trip: Exploring Namma Chennai with Galloping Gazelles

GGs explored their roots and rich religious history with a field trip to the key places of worship in Chennai. 

My Neighbourhood by Cool Cats (Grade 1)

The Cool Cats nurtured their sense of community and communal pride as they learnt in class about the Places in 

Grade 5 trip to the Art Biennale Kochi


Learning The KC Way: Inter-grade buddy reading

Grade 3 students gardening program

KC High Grade 3 students are engaged in a year long gardening program in association with Magic Beans, where they 

Grades 5 and 6 interact with filmmaker-animator-illustrator and author Nina Sabnani

KC High students of grades 5 and 6 had the opportunity to meet and interact with filmmaker-animator-illustrator and author Nina 

KC High Grade 3 students help Gaja victims

The students of grade 3 helped make portable torches for the people affected by Gaja. The 3rd graders connected this 

KC High Grade 5 students work with Peek-a-boo patterns to help recycle

The grade 5 students worked with Garima and team from Peek-a-boo patterns to recycle old 'Kids Central' t-shirts to make 

KC High Galloping Gazelles Field Trip to 13 Degrees North

Students of grade 4 , Gallopping Gazelles had an hands-on experience visiting the plant nursery “13 Degrees North” on ECR.