The Pre Primary program at KC High offers a firm foundation in a stimulating and a secure learning space that establishes the child at the core. Introducing and reinforcing basic concepts across various disciplines through novelty is what we cater and enjoy. Co-Curricular activities such as Physical Education, Music, Movement, Pottery, Drama, and Art further enhance the program and emphasize the development of the learners. The Jolly Phonics program is integrated to make the learning of language multi-sensorial as well as child friendly.

KC High offers Pre-Prep programmes at both it’s campuses:

KC Kids Central Pre-Prep, Ranjith Road, Kotturupuram | View Gallery

KC High, Navalur, OMR | View Gallery

U & Me Program

KC’s ‘U & Me’ program views the parent as ‘an essential resource’ for the child’s learning. The special bond between parent and child is nurtured by providing a stimulating environment for both the parent and the child to learn together as they explore the world through their senses. Activities are expertly designed to kindle the senses and expose the children to music, dance and visual art. Both parent and child engage as a pair and take away ideas for extension of learning at home and in other spaces. This gives every parent an understanding of the child’s individual preferences. Through the varied activities at school, parents also learn the importance of cultivating a routine for their child. The program creates an invigorating space for the baby’s first peer interaction, building the child’s confidence with the comfort of the parent’s presence.

Parents love the practical approach of the program and are encouraged by their children’s growing independence and by their adventurous spirit which is fostered through this program.


Batch 1 : Mon, Wed & Fri | 9.30 AM to 10:30 AM

Toddler Program

The ‘Toddler Program’ is designed to offer choices and foster independence leading to self-discovery and the exploration of the world. Spaces are created to stimulate social, emotional, physical, language/communication and cognitive areas of learning: dramatic play, gym, browsing books, puzzles, toys /manipulatives and sensory activities. Children are free to move about the room and engage in play-based interest areas. The curriculum is child-centered, driven by the interests, developmental abilities, and needs of each individual toddler.

The success of this program is evident from the way our students react to school: “I love to come to school”, “Mama, school jaana, school jaana”.

Timings: Mon-Fri | 10:45 AM to 12:45 PM

Tireless Tadpoles

The first step into a more formalized structure, this module imparts language, pre-writing, phonic skills, number play and exploration in the sciences. Indian and western music, theater and creative movement form a part of the specialists’ activities.

Timings: Mon-Fri | 9 AM to 12 NOON

Flighty Frogs

This stage is equivalent to a lower kindergarten. Here kids are introduced to reading skills, number concepts, experiments in everyday technology and environmental studies, along with lessons in music and movement.

Timings: Mon-Fri | 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Bright Bunnies

Designed as an upper kindergarten, this program guides children through the skill of cursive writing, mental arithmetic, and independent research. Poetry, reading groups, quiz and math menus form an integral part of their routine. The kids dabble with music, movement, and theater as well.

Timings: Mon-Fri | 8:30 AM to 1 PM