Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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When should I submit my application?

KC has a rolling admission process and accepts applications throughout the year.

What are the timings of Campus tour?

A campus tour can be scheduled, by fixing a prior appointment.

How many campuses does the school have?

The response has to be changed to “The school has two campuses, one in Ranjith Road (U and Me to Grade 1), Kotturpuram and one in Navalur, OMR (Toddlers  through Grade 12).

What are the school hours?

The timing for Primary, Middle and High school at OP Campus is 7.30 am to 2.45 pm. It is varied for Pre-Primary students depending on the program.

Are meals provided by the school?

At the OMR campus, we have a well-equipped cafeteria where students and teachers are provided with healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack.

What board does KC High offer?

KC High has designed its own curriculum for Pre-Primary. From Bright Bunnies (Upper KG) through Grade 8, we use the Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Lower Secondary (Grade6-8), which supplements our own curriculum. For Grades 9 and 10, we use the Cambridge Upper Secondary (IGCSE). For Grades 11 and 12, we offer the IB Diploma Programme.

How many semesters do you have in an academic year?

We have two semesters in an academic year:
July through November – Semester I
December through May – Semester II

What is the student teacher ratio and maximum number of students in each class?

5:1 and the maximum number of students is 25 per section.

What Second Languages are offered?

Spanish, French, Hindi and Tamil are offered.

Do you have any international staff at KC High?

The teachers are mostly Indians; however, we have a few foreign nationals.

Does the school provide transport?

Transport facility is available for students and staff of OMR campus. We have centralised pickup and drop off points on each bus route.

Does the school provide boarding facilities?

KC High is a day school. We do not have boarding facilities.

Can a KC High student study “all 3 sciences” in the IB?

No, it would be a rare exception to school policy for a student to select Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in Grade 11 and 12.

Does the IB prepare students for Indian entrance exams such as NEET or JEE (Main)?

No, not specifically. The IBDP gives the student holistic and well-rounded education.

Is KC High planning to add A-Levels or AS-Levels?

No, it is unlikely that KC High will add these programmes in the near future.

Is KC High planning to add PYP or MYP?

No, it is unlikely that KC High will add these programmes in the near future.

Why does KC High switch from the Cambridge IGCSE to the IB Diploma at the end of Grade 10?

We are very happy with the Cambridge programmes from KG through Grade 10. These programmes give our students and teachers the combination of structure and freedom that best suit our school. The IGCSE also offers board exams at the end of Grade 10 that are internationally recognized and suitable for our learners. In Grades 11 and 12, we feel that the IB Diploma is the most rigorous university preparation programme that gives our students the best opportunities to realize their dreams at the world’s top universities. 

My child is currently studying in CBSE/ICSE/Matriculation/State board, so if we have to enrol in KC, can he or she adapt to IGCSE or IB curriculum?

It depends on the child and the family, and younger students can usually adapt better than older students. However, a bright student with drive and determination can usually adapt within a month or two. 

Will it be challenging for the learners to migrate from IGCSE to IB at grade 11?

It is naturally a jump in academic rigour from Grade 10 to Grade 11, particularly in the areas of research skills, critical thinking, and academic writing. We supplement our Grade 10 program with assignments and activities to build the students’ skills in these areas. Lastly, we counsel the students to choose subjects in which they will be most successful.

Do you help students with University applications?

Yes, for this we have a comprehensive university guidance and counselling department that includes a qualified university and career counsellor.

Where do KC High students go to University?

As high achievers in the IB Diploma Programme, our graduates have opportunities at some of the world’s best universities, both abroad and in India. Visit the Admission placements and offers page to know more about their placements.

Do you offer Summer Programs or camps for students?

The KC High Summer program runs all through the month of May and includes outward bound experiences as well.

Do you offer after-school programs?

The school offers after-school programs for its students and for those from other schools as well, in the age group of 3 years to 10 years.

My child is an exceptional sportsperson who needs to go to training and competitions. How does KC High support these athletes?

We have several of these athletes at school already. We give them permission to attend their training and tournaments, and the teachers work with them to help them keep up at school without being overburdened.

What indoor and outdoor games does the school offer?

Basketball, football, cricket, karate, gymnastics and chess are offered by the school.

What co-curricular activities does the school offer?

Pre-primary: Indian and Western Music, Movement, Pottery, Art.

Middle and High School: World music, movement, drama, and art.

Are the students safe on your campus?

Safety is accorded top priority in the school and there are protocols in place to ensure Medical Safety, Fire Safety, Electrical Safety and Internet Safety. Students are always supervised and monitored in every sphere. Physical facilities are safe; teachers and other staff ensure safety in classrooms, science labs, outdoors, on field trips, and during school events.

Does the school provide medical facilities services?

The Kotturpuram and Navalur campus each have a well-equipped Wellness Room to treat students and staff who experience any medical ailments

KC High has partnered with the Apollo Shine Foundation (ASF), a division of the Apollo Hospitals. An ASF nurse is available at the Wellness Room at each campus. The nurse provides medical attention for the children and staff communities. An ASF Doctor is available on-call, and ambulance services are on-call during any emergency

KC High staff have undergone a certified Emergency First Responder Training Program. At each campus, we have 25 Emergency First Responders who are available immediately in case of injuries or similar situations.