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  • For any admission related queries, please contact Ms. Malini Kejriwal @ +91 94452-90115.

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  • To be filled by Foreign Nationals only

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  • If yes, please mention name of child/children, program/class and year applied for.


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  • Ensure your child is eligible for the programmes by conforming to the age cut-offs below (by August 31 of the admission year):

    U&Me - 1 year

    Toddler – 2 yrs

    Tadpoles – 3 yrs

    Flighty Frogs – 4 yrs

    Bright Bunnies – 5 yrs

    Cool Cats – 6 yrs

    Leaping Lions – 7 yrs

    Dynamic Dolphins – 8 yrs

    Galloping Gazelles – 9 yrs

    Soaring Seagulls – 10 yrs

    6th Grade - 11 yrs

    7th Grade - 12 yrs

    8th Grade - 13 yrs

    9th Grade - 14 yrs

    10th Grade - 15 yrs

    11th Grade - 16 yrs


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    e) Reports from previous school (if applicable)

    f) Copy of passport (for foreign nationals only)

    g) Copy of Visa (for foreign nationals only)

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By submitting this admission form, we hereby declare that all information given in this application is true and accurate. We hereby abide by the rules and regulations of the school, if admitted.