Class of 2020

Aman Thadani (1)

Aman Thadani

An online graduation. Half of University online. It feels like we’ve come so far from KC, like it’s been so long since we got on a school bus to go wrap our heads around calculus, and yet are still stuck in R.A Puram. KC helped me prepare myself for the uncertain times that we live in. I was better prepared to understand the media better, to understand how to deal with different situations.


Ankitha Praveen

A year ago, I graduated from KC High. Despite not being able to step foot into college, I’ve been able to truly appreciate the motivated learner KC has shaped me into. Most significantly, KC taught me the importance of collaboration, a skill integral whilst thriving in the real world. I’d always assumed that I produced my best work whilst working alone, but repeated experiences both during and after school helped prove otherwise.

Azzam Ahmed Thadey_Image

Azzam Ahmed Thadey

Life in school often feels like a bubble – familiarity, and comfort embrace us at every step of the way. Fortunately, KC High has prepared me well to take on the world’s professional and social differences beyond this bubble through international mindedness, cultural understanding, and respectability. My social circle at university consists of people from over 6 different nationalities, which makes such learnings and practices extremely valuable in life outside academia. 


Mira Gulvady

It is not until you leave the comfort of home, that you realize that life was so easy and straightforward. All of a sudden you are thrown into this whole new bubble left to figure out how to overcome basic obstacles that once seemed non-existent. You need to be aware of the most simple things such as ‘do I have enough drinking water in my apartment?’ And then have a panic attack and rush to the supermarket in the cold before it closes. I think that being present in the moment and not being anxious about the future is really important to be able to take on the responsibility to take care of yourself when you no more have your parents running behind you. And I think I can give full credit to the KC Family for helping me understand the importance of being present and living in the moment to tackle all the obstacles thrown at me. 


Rahul Venkatraman

Upon going out into the real world (figuratively, of course – literally going outside is unthinkable) I met people from various backgrounds, housing different belief systems. My time at KC has helped me be empathetic and accommodating to them, while arming me with the tools to overcome the challenges I faced.

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Ramya Sreenivasan

KC has helped me interact with the real world in numerous ways but I’d say they definitely helped me get out of my comfort zone and meet people from different communities and establish lifelong connections. I’ll forever be grateful for that!


Rania Mecca

KC’s environment, ranging from its people to its approach towards education, has helped me build one of the most essential aspects of individuality: confidence. Through opportunities such as being house captain or being able to easily communicate with teachers, I’ve learned to be a lot more vocal about my thoughts and opinions. This attribute has in turn also allowed me to engage and form closer relationships with people from different backgrounds.


Saadhana Seshadri

Once university started I couldn’t have been more excited to start a new chapter that I was extremely passionate to study about. I noticed that KC’s way of teaching gives you a sense of independence and at the same time clear guidance as to what to do next. This prepared me for university as well, helping me stay updated with all my coursework!


Vedyasree Raja

The unique style of teaching and learning that KC High brought me up with has allowed me to smoothly transition into the real world. The method of connecting everything that we learn to the real world has helped me become independent and make responsible decisions. I have also learnt life lessons on matters such as building relationships and being a leader as well as being a team player. All of these are essential qualities that every global citizen needs that KC High has taught me.

Class of 2021


Rishab Raja

Rishab joined KC at Grade 5 in 2013. In the life of every event at KC, he is potentially flying off to Singapore. Starting a program at the Singapore Institute of Management he aims to major in Data Sciences.


Tanush Sanjay

Tanush also joined KC into Year 1 of the IBDP in 2019. Never shying away from opportunities, this fitness enthusiast is the motivator of the class. He is off to Pennsylvania State University. He will be majoring in computer science.


Vichar Lochan

Vichar joined KC at Grade 7 in 2015. She is a risk taker who is always enthused to pursue new horizons, with innovative ideas. She is off to the University of Chicago soon, keeping an open mind on the major  that she will be pursuing.


Netra Reddy

Netra joined KC High in 2008 into bright bunnies at the RR campus. It is right to say that KC too has grown with her. She has been our very own in-house entrepreneur with her successful lekker bars. She will be pursuing Business Management in City University of London at the Cass Business School.


Harshini Shankar

Harshini Joined KC in 2018 into Grade 9. A great friend to everyone, her calm creativeness has inspired her to pursue a higher education at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), Canada, majoring in Industrial Design.


Lakshya KN

Lakshya joined KC in 2019 into Year 1 of the IBDP. He is a born leader and a people person who connects with learners of every age. He will be pursuing his artistic passions through architecture at the Pratt Institute New York.


Tanya Sravan

Tanya joined KC in 2012, at Grade 3. She is an excellent basketball player and energetic Bharatanatyam dancer. She has chosen to pursue her future education in the field of Computer Science, at Plaksha University,  India.


Shreya Vikhram

Shreya joined KC’s IB program in the year 2019. She is beginning a very interesting gap year with the travel program,“Where there be dragons”, exploring different parts of the world in pursuit of knowledge and experience. Her interests lie in Philosophy, Psychology and creative writing and is keeping an open mind in deciding her major


Kuber Chadda

Kuber joined us in 2019 into the IBDP program. A unique mind, he inspires us all with his inquisitiveness and his extraordinary nature of accepting people which makes him the greatest friend anyone can have. He will be majoring in the Biological sciences at the Fordham University at Rosehill , inclining towards the medical field.


Naveen Palaniappan

Naveen joined KC in 2014, into Grade 6. Embodying the thinker, Naveen is taking a gap year full of enriching experiences and internships,  before he pursues his higher education, potentially majoring in Economics.

Class of 2022

Anusha Dwarkanath_2022

Anusha Dwarkanath

 “I am enjoying my time as a freshman at Stanford University, expanding my academic and cultural horizons. I am most enjoying the class I’m taking about using design thinking to make real-life decisions and rehearsing for performances with my dance group. While sharing a bathroom with an entire floor is hard, the residential education experience is worth it.”

Adithan Arunachalam_2022

Adithan Arunachalam

At the moment, I’m trying my best to stay warm at Williams. In the time that I get outside of the above, I’m really enjoying my political science and philosophy classes (so much so that I’m convinced I want to major in these areas as well)! I’m also trying my hand at every sport I can while introducing people to cricket (and shaking my head when they liken it to baseball). I miss Chennai and KC, but I’m enjoying my time here and I’m really looking forward to the rest of it!

Atulya Kumar

Atulya Kumar

“I’m currently studying Business Management and Administration at the Questrom School of Business and plan on minoring in Computer Science. I’ve had a lot of fun and enriching experiences at Boston University so far and met some unique and interesting people along the way. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to come up with new ways in which I can combat the upcoming Boston winter.”

Shrishti Saha

Shrishti Saha

I joined KC at the beginning of IBDP and was lucky enough to make many lifelong friends! I’m currently majoring in a psychology BA at Syracuse University. I also plan on minoring in business and public communication studies. 

Hitesh Garg

Hitesh Garg

I am Hitesh and I am currently studying my Bachelor of Business Administration in Loyola college. So far, my college journey has been a little rough but I cherish KC for making me a confident student. It’s because of KC, I learnt how to manage my time and grew as a person overall. The school also taught me lessons beyond books and that’s something I admire the most.

Sahil Agarwal

Sahil Agarwal

I’m Sahil. Hope y’all doing well. I will be going to the University Of Technology, Sydney, to study computer engineering (specialization in software engineering). I feel that KC has helped me become a better learner and understand better through their hands-on, practical and research based learning system. UTS also offers a similar learning system and due to KC I am already familiar with it. Overall KC has shaped me into a better individual learner. 

Priya V

Priya Vishwanath

I am Priya Vishwanath, and I am a 1st year student at Krea University for my undergraduate studies. Krea is a liberal arts university, which means that as a first year student, I am immersing myself in a wide range of different subjects as part of an immersion program. This is helping me to explore various fields of study and ultimately pick my major. My prospective major is economics, which I am particularly excited about as it combines my interest in business and finance with my passion for understanding and analyzing complex systems.

My high school experience has played a significant role in shaping my decision to pursue a career in economics. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) curriculum and the absolutely supportive teachers and staff at KC High helped me develop a strong foundation.
Overall, I am very grateful for the education and opportunities that my high school provided me.



Hey! I’m Tiana, a graduate of the 2022 batch and I’m currently halfway through my gap year. Rewind a little to September 2022, I was all set to start studying environmental design with a specialisation in interior design at OCAD university in toronto, however a visa processing delay led me to deferring my admission to Fall 2023. Nevertheless I believe this was the best decision I could have made as it held a gateway to experiences, lessons and opportunities before I began university. A major part of accepting this deferral and preparing me to utilise my year to the fullest potential, was the KC High community and the IBDP program. Being a student at KC has built me to accept challenges, think and analyse critically and most importantly be open to expanding my horizons and exploring new opportunities. The KC faculty has been present every step of the way, encouraging me, helping me realise my potential and guiding me through my year. As I write this, I am currently solo travelling through Pondicherry, taking on 3D Design courses, working as a part time graphic designer, building my design brand, preparing to work at a summer camp in los angeles where I get to teach fine art and more importantly, grasping at every opportunity I get.

Sunisha Dugar

Sunisha Dugar

After graduating high school, I took an academic sabbatical. I took up a Fellowship, explored micro-expressions, and did an Internship. These opportunities provided me with a chance to apply my learnings in real-world settings, where I was tasked with managing teams, handling finances, creating substantial impact, and undertaking extensive travel. I stepped out of my comfort zone and took on many challenges. I found myself thinking critically and broadening perspectives which equipped me with the tools to tackle the complexities of the world ahead.
Now, I embark on an even more thrilling journey as I pursue my higher education at the University of Auckland.

Class of 2023


Aditya Thirumalai

Hi all, Aditya here, I am currently attending the University of Arizona and majoring in Management Information Systems (MIS). The first months of college have been smooth sailing so far. College life is great over here and I attribute some part of it to the independence that I have gained since coming over. ... Academically, my classes have been both intriguing and eye-opening at times, the professors have been great and I have enjoyed all the classes that I have taken. I think the IB made the transition from KC into college much easier as I was familiar with topics that I learned in class, but more importantly I have gotten class credits from the IB which helps me a lot in the long run. Beyond academics I've immersed myself in the spirited culture of college sports, attending football and basketball games which any Division 1 school takes great pride in. The sports culture and the people here are great, every game that I have been to was full of passion and energy which I really enjoyed. Navigating this large of a college initially seemed daunting, but I've come to appreciate the community and the people I've met from classes to my dorm along with the endless opportunities and activities. I've found that there's always something new to discover and experience. Overall, my experience at the U of A has been nothing short of great. Wishing the batch of 2024 good luck with their college applications and final IB exams.


Asmita Thota

It’s been a few months since we graduated from KC and any glimpse of it triggers a flood of memories. KC holds a special place in my heart. Living close meant weekend views of the school that once taunted me, but now symbolises the happiness and comfort it offered. Though only I was there for two years, ... KC gave me lifelong bonds and memories. Every school day was precious, filled with silly lunch fights on the green bench and shared "torture" of IB (funny how "is" becomes "was"). The shift from CBSE to IB was huge, but the constant care and support from the teachers made it possible which I’m really grateful for. Academically, KC's focus on Extended Essays and Internal Assessments helped me equip research skills that have eased my university experience. KC also helped me step outside my comfort zone and find my voice, a big change from the quiet person I once was. Moving away to college throws you into a new environment with a new curriculum, new people, and a new lifestyle. It's a chance to grow and adapt, something I actually got a head start at KC in 2021. It wasn't always easy, but those bumps in the road made me stronger and more open to challenges today. The amazing teachers and friends I met at KC are still my closest companions, even to date I try my best to keep in touch with them. Through it all, KC helped me grow significantly as a person.


Anushka Navaneeth

After a semester at Ashoka University, I can strongly say that it was everything I wanted and more. With eminent faculty, a pretty campus and a diverse student body, I knew I had made the right decision in coming here. However, despite all the new experiences and people, it is hard to forget home. ... I find myself wearing my KC t-shirts on multiple occasions. What was a uniform has now become a reminder of the four years I spent in Chennai. At KC, I believe I grew into the person I am today. I learnt to ask questions, how to manage my time wisely, how to plan and execute research, and so much more. I find myself using all these skills here too. Whether it’s questioning what knowledge is, or trying to juggle five assignments at the same time, all the things I learnt come back to help me, one way or the other. My economics classes started this semester, and I find myself reaching for the IB textbook more often than not to revise concepts. Of course, it’s challenging. College is a far cry from home. But the skills I learnt, and the connections I made at school, made the transition so much easier.



Back to 2023 when I decided to take a gap, everyone was in awe as there was no reason to opt for this decision. It has been a crucial step to solidify my pursuit in the design industry. To solidify my choice of becoming a designer I immersed myself in the Industry of art and design. ... Under the guidance of a Parsons fashion graduate and a UAL fine art graduate I have immersed myself into several creative avenues that fostered my creativity and passion. Mentoring me into learning prominent softwares like AutoCAD, Adobe photoshop, illustrator, and solidworks. Additionally, adding on to my portfolio of work for university. To further my design exploration , I assisted the head of faculty in Bangkok to curate a 4 week summer program for middle schoolers on the theme of design and its application in the world named “man made world”. To get a commercial insight on the design process, I am currently interning with an interior design firm as a drafter and an assistant furniture designer. The IB diploma fueled my passion for a design career yet left me yearning for personal growth. Hence , I embark on a parallel progression by embarking on a journey of introspection. From learning the piano to trekking , dancing and traveling has made me reconnect with myself and the world's diverse cultures. This journey for rediscovery isn't a detour but a catalyst for my design journey. KC empowered me to confront obstacles with confidence and embrace who I am. It emphasized the fulfillment that comes from carving my own unique path. For me to realize that a gap year is an opportunity in disguise. KC wasn’t just hallways and classrooms, it was a place that molded me to who I am today. Breaking the shell and shedding light into my potential is something I will be grateful for. More than what I learned is who I did it amongst. The faculty that supported me through the rigor of IB & to the teachers that understood why we asked them to extend deadlines. To my friends with whom in every laughter lifted the weight of my shoulders. I am Samina, a graduate of the Batch 2023.


Meet Mutha

I feel learning at KC is more modern and is beneficial when compared to other educational boards. For example, students in my university from other boards were fairly new to essay writing, bibliography, citations and faced difficulties with it, ... I have been learning this since the 9th grade. I miss my friends a lot. KC was a medium to meet them everyday from 8 am to 2:50 pm. Spending time with them everyday created that attachment with school. Making study hours into free hours, playing, laughing, and enjoying almost everyday. Transitioning from school to college was very challenging for me as you never will live that school life again. I always want to maintain that connection with my school friends so whenever I get time, I facetime with them. I also make sure to go to school whenever I am in Chennai and I meet my teachers. I feel keeping touch with your old friends makes you more comfortable and doesn't make you miss school while studying in University. School and those memories will always stay close to my heart.

Ritika Srivathsan


KC High is more than just a school.
The experiences I had during my time at school have been instrumental in shaping who I am today. With KC giving me the confidence and platform to dream big, I developed the skills and gained the resilience to navigate life outside of school.
From Cool Cats to IB2, KC High always encouraged me to ask questions and fueled my curiosity. For example, I remember being awestruck when our teacher drew a perfect circle on the whiteboard in every attempt. I spent the rest of my lunch break after the class practicing to draw the circle, just like my teacher did.
That drive to learn has stuck with me and thus started my quest to acquire real life experiences in the form of a gap year.
During my gap year, I have been focusing on developing skills aligned to my further education. In the last nine months, I have been interning at one of the most prestigious universities with their Formula racing team. Part of the Formula SAE program, my learning has been on aerodynamics, with simulations using MATLAB and the Ansys software. The Formula racing team has been a reinforcer for teamwork and goal based results....
Throughout my time at KC High, I was always the first to sign up for any activity which was presented to me. The can-do spirit which I carried was vastly supported by the school, and now encourages me to create more opportunities for myself. My love for motorsport was so strong that I decided to expand to learn about the digital space as well.
I created my first digital platform on YouTube called Paddock Chats with RS, which is a Formula One specific channel covering Formula One news, in-depth analysis and race recaps. Even though I was just 15 during the first year of the channel, it allowed me to express my passion for the wide world of Formula One. As the exclusive creator of the channel, I enjoy the end to end creation of the content, digital production and post production.
The opportunities that I pursued through my gap year further sparked my interest in the field of motorsport and engineering. Now as I move on to university education, I feel motivated to expand my knowledge and get one step closer to my goal of becoming the Team Principal of a Formula One team.
The supportive environment and sense of community at KC was extremely important for me, as it motivated me to continue pursuing my other interests during my academic journey - like Ballet, Tap dance, Cricket, debate and MUN. Perhaps, the culmination of my dance career was when I competed in the Asia Pacific Dance Competition during my gap year in 2023, in which I placed third overall for my Tap solo performance, and placed for three out of four of my dances.
But possibly the biggest takeaway from my time at KC would be to learn how to adapt. Being in the real world means to learn how to roll with the punches. With all my experiences both during my time at school and after graduation, I have learned how to embrace change with confidence and handle setbacks with grace.
All said, there are parts of my school days that I do miss. I will always treasure the sense of camaraderie and the memories I made with my peers and teachers along the way.
To stay connected with old friends and mentors, I try to visit school once every few months to reminisce. It's a great way to keep in touch and share memories, even if our class is scattered across the globe.
The experience I had at KC is something I'll always hold close. It’s where I learned almost everything I know and made lifelong friends. As I move forward, I carry those memories and lessons with me, knowing that they have shaped me into who I am today.

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