Back to School!

The season of isolation and quarantine slowly started lifting when we Teachers were asked to come to school and continue with online classes. Uncertainty and excitement – that was the perfect mood we went through. “Why the risk?” “Can’t we continue with online learning from home? – we are doing that well!” These were some questions everyone asked themselves and to others. With caution, we moved out of our “safe havens” into a world where the virus could be anywhere. The school management understood the anxieties and had come up with a rock solid health and safety policy and ensured rigorous implementation of the same. Within a few days into working from school, we Teachers felt confident and good about coming back to school and work. KC continued being our home away from home like the pre-corona era. We then moved to a new milestone – bringing our kids to school. This opened another mixed bag of emotions. Questions like “Aren’t the kids safer at home?”,  “Why risk it?” were naturally followed by “They need to meet each other and get a social life”, “They can do practical sessions in Science.”. And here we are, Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 in school. This was only possible by the Vision the management had, and the tireless efforts of the KC High administration and the unshakable belief the parent community has on KC. Teaching is invigorating and rewarding, when we get to see their curious faces as they say “aaaaaahhhh!” when they understand a complex concept.
Roshan Thomas,
Chemistry Teacher

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