Bhoomi Pooja at Navalur Marks a New Chapter in the History of KC High

KC High celebrated its first step on its new campus at Navalur with the auspicious Bhoomi Pooja on 11 Nov. 2016. The management, staff, students, parents and well-wishers of the school gathered together in the early hours of the morning for this occasion.

The atmosphere was festive, reverential and momentous. Pandits uttered the sacred rites and the young and the old of the community interacted with one another with a sense of pride and joy. In typical KC style, students gathered together in happy groups to create a mural with hand-prints, colorful designs and their names. The sumptuous breakfast added to the celebratory mood. Of course, the model of the school and the plan for the new building was the highlight of the day: the new physical space with its hexagonal classroom and circular design reflects the circular classroom model designed for active and collaborative learning. The occasion ended with a video that captured the cheerful, challenging and creative learning environment of KC High and gave the community a glimpse of the future with Ms. Valli Subbiah, the founder of the school, visualizing her dream for the school.

Everyone walked away feeling assured that the school has everything it needs to make its mark on the map of international schools even as it continues to hold on to its mission and vision. In the words of the founder, it will be “the same school, the same values, and the same community with new facilities in a new location”.

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