Career Talk – Grade 8

A talk on a Healthcare Startup – STEMI Care

Guest lecture by  Varshni from STEMI Care 

Varshini runs STEMI Care India, an organisation that sets up systems of care for heart attacks. She works with governments and hospitals to understand what is required to be able to treat patients in the best way possible, recommends the appropriate model of care, draws up budgets and monitors operations. Varshini had spent over a decade working in fields like healthcare, manufacturing, sports and corporate social responsibility.

Varshini is an engineer and an MBA, she majored in finance. She is currently doing a PhD in health economics at IIT Madras.

Agenda: She will talk about her experience starting a health startup. She will also discuss how and why it turned from a non-profit to a for-profit company. She is a KC Parent, her child Keerthan is in DD. 

Varshini Neethi Mohan started the session sharing words from different industries ranging from sports to banking to manufacturing and health. The eighth-graders were asked to recognize these words and relate to them. Varshini has worked in each of these industries as a manager. Even though they were unrelated industries, she was able to work and solve problems in them. When the learners asked how she said, every industry has problems to solve and she is a problem solver. That is what managers do on a daily basis. It was a very interactive session with real powerful discussions on management, leadership skills and even sexism. The talk took a complete turn when a learner asked her how she was treated as a woman. This led to Varhsini clarifying how she gets treated differently because she is a woman and how she handles these situations. The session ended with what STEMI is all about. STEMI – segment elevation myocardial infarction, which is a heart attack. She, being an engineer, now understands heart-related conditions and now works on health economics. She asked the learners to not be scared to explore and take chances and follow their dreams.

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