Join us at KC High IGCSE Board Cambridge and IB Diploma International School in Chennai by applying for teacher jobs or an administrative role and be a part of an energetic, vibrant and dynamic team!

We offer the CIE curriculum (University of Cambridge International Examinations) and the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) in a supportive work environment that nurtures creative talent and innovation. We are looking for teachers with at least two years of prior experience. KC High looks favorably upon candidates who have CIDTL or CENTRA certification; however, CENTA certifications are not required.

KC High IGCSE Cambirdge and IB Diploma International School Careers

Candidates also need to have good communication and interpersonal skills besides having a strong knowledge base.

If you would like to be part of this unique team, submit the form below to apply for any of the listed teacher jobs or administrative positions.

Because we are expanding, we are currently looking to fill these teacher and administrative positions at KC High IGCSE Cambridge and IB Diploma International School in Chennai for academic year 2019-20:

KC High IGCSE Cambridge and IB Diploma International School Careers

  1. Pre-Primary Teachers
  2. Pre-Primary Teaching Assistant
  3. Executive Assistant to Senior Management
  4. Primary Teachers. Graduates with a passion to teach young kids. Good communication skills in English. Willingness to learn new teaching & learning methods.
  5. History Teacher (IB experience preferred)
  6. Visual Art Teacher (IB experience preferred)
  7. French Teacher
  8. English Teacher (IB experience preferred)
  9. Physics Teacher (IB experience preferred)
  10. ESL Teacher

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