Choice Time Activities

The Soaring Seagulls volunteered to facilitate fun Choice Time sessions for the little learners of CC and LL. The Risk Takers worked collaboratively to explore innovative ideas and planned different activities making sure that the club sessions are enticing and child-centric. The Seagulls provided the CC and LL learners the options of Book club, Fitness club, Art club, Food club, Quiz and Trivia club or Chess club. Each week they worked with a different batch of learners. 

  • The Book Club encouraged the little learners to read more books and widen their knowledge by reading different types of books. 
  • The fitness club aimed at increasing the fitness quotient of these young athletes by teaching them few exercises while having fun and getting fit.
  • The Art club had some fun activities like creating pop-up cards, drawing a 3D hand and exploring different ways to paint.  
  • The food Club was a nice platform for the CCs and LLs to independently make some cool beverages and healthy snacks. 
  • The Chess club was the perfect place for the CCs and LLs to learn the names and functions of the 16 pieces, understand the rules and notations of the game and the points of each piece and play a sample game. 
  • The Fun Facts and Trivia club taught them about the space, the solar system and the stars by watching interesting videos and answering the questions through a quiz on what they’ve learnt.

Ruth Sargunam
Primary School Teacher

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