Academic Coordinators

Michael Purcell
Head of School

Michael (Mick) Purcell is the new Head of School at KC High. Mick comes from the United States where he received his Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering Physics...

Sindu Suneel
Deputy Head of School

My association with KC started quite by accident way back in 1999 but my journey till here has been led by passion. I am an Economics graduate but feel a strong bond...

Lakshmi Suresh Primary School Coordinator at KC High Kotturupuram Chennai IGCSE School
Lakshmi Suresh
Pre-Primary & Primary School Coordinator

I have been with Kids Central since 2008 and am currently the home room teacher for Leaping Lions, Kids Central’s class for the second...

Vijana Sujith
Middle School Coordinator

I started my career as a researcher in the field of Bioinformatics after completing my post-graduation and MPhil in Biotechnology. During that time, I was involved in teaching...

Lakshmi D Pre-Primary School Coordinator at KC High Kotturupuram Chennai IGCSE School
Lakshmi D
IGCSE Coordinator

Hi! I am Aarthi (Lakshmi). Teaching has opened up a world of new discoveries, not only about the world and its people but about myself as well. This rapidly...

IGCSE Coordinator

I love learning and hearing about new ideas, concepts and thoughts, and always try to keep an open mind where these have the space to develop and grow...

Meera Sampath Kumar
IB Coordinator

Tapping the teachable moments in a classroom is the challenge that I look forward to as a learning facilitator. Strongly believe in UBUNTU (in Xhosa means ‘I am because We are’.