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IB Candidate School

Middle & High School

Joyee Sarkar
Social Science Teacher
I am an engineer turned educator. My vision is that one day all children will…
Science Teacher
I love learning and hearing about new ideas, concepts and thoughts, and always try to…
I am the school librarian, and I love interacting with the children and helping them…
Urmi Basu
Language Arts Teacher
Being in the company of children brings out the best in me! I believe that…
Valli Palaniappan
Math Teacher
My passion for numbers and my love for children has turned me into a math…
KC High IGCSE Cambridge International School in Chennai IB Candidate School - Krithiga Math Teacher for Middle and High School
Math Teacher
My life is good for two things now, One for teaching Mathematics and the other…
KC High IGCSE Cambridge International School in Chennai IB Candidate School - Roshan Science Teacher for Middle and High School
Science Teacher
I have been a Chemistry Teacher for the past 10 years and have worked in…
Tamil Language Teacher
I have a Masters in Philosophy in Tamil am extremely passionate about teaching children the…
Revathi Shankar
Language Teacher - Hindi
I strongly feel that a teacher should be a motivator and facilitator. A teacher guides…
Teacher - Business Studies
I was a management coordinator and marketing consultant. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in…
Language Teacher - Spanish
Curiosity and the wish to improve inspires me every day as both a lifelong learner…
Raji Nagarajan
Raji Nagarajan
"To understand, is to invent"- Jean Piaget. This has been my passion which brought me…
Rekha Balakrishnan
Language Arts Teacher
Teaching allows me to discover unseen perspectives and unknown elements in the world. Children bring freshness…
PE Coach
Football is a talent which I acquired as a toddler. It’s is my passion, my…
PE Coach
Being a basketball player from my school days, I've grown to understand how important fitness…
PE & Basketball Coach
Basketball is a beautiful game when the 5 players on court play as one. As…
Meera S
Specialist - Theatre
I am an actor, professional playwright and designer. I have been working with Theatre Nisha…
Shakthi Ramani
Specialist - Theatre
I am a martial artist and movement trainer. I have been working as an actor…
Balakrishnan V
Specialist - Theatre
An alumnus of Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts and National School of Drama, I…
ICT Faculty
I feel privileged to be a part of KC Family. I always believe that learning…
Sandhya Gopinath
Specialist - Art & Design
I am a Contemporary artist and an Art Educator with eight years of experience teaching…
Paul Daniel
Music Teacher
I have always been deeply passionate about music and have been teaching it since 2010.…