Middle & High School

Brinda Ananth
Social Science Department Head & History Teacher

As a 21st century educator, it is my belief that we need to create skill-based learning experiences...

Raji Nagarajan
CAS Coordinator, Counsellor & Teacher of Psychology

"To understand, is to invent"- Jean Piaget. This has been my passion which brought me to psychology.

Language Teacher-Tamil

I have a Masters in Philosophy in Tamil am extremely passionate about teaching children the Tamil language...

Revathi Shankar
Language Teacher - Hindi

I strongly feel that a teacher should be a motivator and facilitator. A teacher guides her/his learners to think independently.

R Vasundhara
Math Teacher

I believe to be a teacher, one needs to be a learner first. I have always worked with my learners to create an atmosphere of understanding and compassion...

Radha Sethuraman
Assistant Middle School coordinator and Secondary Teacher of Mathematics

After more than a decade of teaching, I've come to grasp my role and purpose....

Chemistry Teacher

I have been a Chemistry Teacher for the past 10 years and have worked in schools across India and abroad. I have enjoyed teaching students from various cultural backgrounds...

Music Teacher

Professional: Trinity Guildhall - Intermediate Level Graded Examination in Music Literacy - Grade 5 Theory of Music. I want to spread the love...

Amrutha Sasidhar
Language Teacher - Spanish

My love for learning a new language in Spanish took me in the direction of teaching. I enjoy travelling, quilting, painting and reading in my free time..

Secondary Teacher of Computer Science

I feel privileged to be a part of KC Family. I always believe that learning is a lifetime journey. To me teaching is not just a job but it is what gives me a great pleasure to live a life...

PE & Football Coach

Football is a talent which I acquired as a toddler. It’s is my passion, my heart beat. I have climbed a long flight of stairs to reach the National level as a player and a referee. It gives...

Hans Kaushik
Drama Teacher

I am a sculptor who moved into theatre and acting as a natural progression. A founder member of Magic Lantern, I am enthusiastic about taking drama to young people...

Angel Roshika Alice
Science Teacher

I am an Engineer by training but became a learning facilitator by choice. My predilection for teaching has always given me an opportunity to interact with young minds. I believe that teaching...

Nancy Ninan
Homeroom & Social Science Teacher

I teach Social Science to third graders. I love teaching as it gives me immense pleasure to be around children and to help them find ways to progressively empower...

Matthew Lawrence
Whole School teacher of Spanish and TOK Coordinator

What do I want students to learn? And how do I organize the material to facilitate learning? These are the two key questions that determine what I do...

Chitra Aruloli - Social Sciences & Economics Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Chitra Aruloli
Social Sciences & Economics Teacher

Teaching as a profession is the best thing that could happen to me. I always carried the vision of knowing and understanding child...

Sara Phenix
Homeroom and Language Teacher - French

French is not only a language to learn, it's a culture to explore, feel and enjoy. I am teaching my native language...

Visual Arts Teacher

Art is understood and emphasised as a tool to build awareness of the aesthetic to support the development of an empathetic worldview...

Vimal Kumar
Movement Teacher

Dancing has been my passion since childhood. I have achieved many things as a dancer and moulded and shaped many students. It gives me immense pleasure and pride...

Glory Hannah Dorothy
Teacher of Design Technology

I am still a learner. I started my career as a Graphic designer, Hailing from the family of teachers, I was inspired to become one. My passion is to share...

Roshini - Math Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Roshini S
Homeroom & Math Teacher

I firmly believe that Mathematics is fundamental and essential. My aim is to make Math interesting and approachable to all learners.

Prabhu C
Secondary Teacher of Business Management

I am a passionate teacher who believes in inquiry-based teaching. As Plato says “the essence of knowledge is self-knowledge”...

Sankar Rajangam
Physics Teacher

Discussing Physics gives me a high. Challenges in addressing intuitive and inquisitive questions from young minds always thrills and makes my day.

Preethi - Middle & High School Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Preethi Sritharan
Assistant IBDP coordinator and Secondary Teacher of Science, GP, and TOK

Always a pupil, sometimes a guide, bookworm, linguaphile and biologist. Taking inspiration from Carl..."

KC High IGCSE Cambridge International School in Chennai IB Candidate School - Ram Nautiyal Hindi Language Teacher
Ram Nautiyal
Language Teacher - Hindi

I am keen on supporting the young generation to discover their passions and attain excellence. Through a creative approach I want to devise and develop...

Aju Rajendran
GP Coordinator & Secondary teacher of Global Perspectives

I believe that teaching is assisting curiosity. It's that insatiable quest for seeking and knowing that fuelled...

Sangeetha Arunkumar

“Learning is discovering, uncovering what is there in us” - Bruce Lee. I am an architect turned primary school teacher. As a teacher, I am committed to make learning more fun and enriching.

Prashanth Oliver
Drama Teacher

As a drama teacher, I want to give students the tools to express themselves fully. To be creative, explore their imaginations, play together...

Suma Sankar
Grade 7 Homeroom Teacher

The joy of learning is embedded in the art of teaching and I believe that learning goes beyond the confines of classroom. I strive everyday to lead the path of my learners...

Sandhya Venkatasubramanian
Secondary Teacher of English

I began my career, teaching preschool and elementary school children in the US. Having taught the primary...

Roohi Saleem
Secondary Teacher of English

An English Language enthusiast, at first by chance, and then by design, in the decade that I have been an ELT professional, I have assumed many roles—materials...

Ruth Sargunam - Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Ruth Sargunam
Grade 6 Homeroom Teacher

Teaching language arts is my passion, not my profession. Playing the role of Petruchio and Romeo as a schoolgirl, attracted me to poetry and the beauty of writing...

Dr. Janani Bharatraj
Math Teacher

I have always believed that Mathematics is a subject that needs to be experienced. Having taught Math at various levels, I felt the urge to get back to school and...

Anjali Nayan Mistry
Whole School Teacher of French

Teacher by accident but realizing it to be my ‘Ikigai’ is something that I am forever grateful for. I love kids as they truly teach the true...

Geetha Variar
Secondary Teacher of Science

I am a passionate science teacher. I call myself so because everyday is a new beginning as science opens up opportunities to explore...

Anoop V
Secondary Teacher of Science

Inspired by my teacher who introduced me to the wonders of Chemistry, I chose to be a Chemistry teacher after my Post Graduation...

Ashish Chacko
Whole-School Teacher of French

Inciting curiosity in a child is one way of getting them to learn anything.

Hari Prasad
Math Teacher

Henri Lebesgue said that the only teaching a teacher can give is that of thinking in front of their...

Sakhvir Lawrence
Librarian & Digital Media Specialist

I love being a librarian as it provides me opportunities to connect with...

Hannah Grace
Middle & High School Counsellor

I am passionate about empowering children to reach...

Secondary Teacher for Mathematics

“Mathematics reveals its secrets only to those...

Kannan Subramanian
Secondary Teacher of BM & GP

Pushing the envelope since there are no limits to a child’s insatiable curiosity to learn...

Yuvarani M
Secondary Teacher of Mathematics

My name is Yuvarani Mohanraj and people call me Yuva. I have completed my bachelors in Mathematics...

Duwayn Tellis
Secondary Economics Teacher

My objective is to be the kind of teacher that I would want to have if...

Asha Krishnan
Secondary Teacher of English
... here by the will of pedagogical forefathers and ordained by Jupiter and Mercury ...
Anjanasri Arunachalam
Whole school teacher of Spanish

I started my career as a software engineer but ended up a teacher and translator, which has worked out really well! I enjoy sharing my...

Nandini N
Secondary teacher of English

I have varied interests that revolve around music, dance, literature, travel, art, nature and food. I value my friends...

Sivakumar Sundararajan
Whole school teacher of computer science

Drawing from my experience...

Jonathan D'Cruz
Part time whole school teacher of Music

I have been a Keyboardist/Music Director/Educator in the music...

Sridhar Kalyanakotti
Secondary Teacher of Mathematics

Having about 25 years of teaching experience and 4 years of Administrative experience in online education...

Secondary teacher of Science

I hold a Doctorate in genetics; I started my academic career as an Assistant Professor in college; since I was interested...

Hariharan N
Whole school teacher of Physical Education

I am an NIS coach and a Physical Education teacher...

Sreeja Menon
Secondary teacher of Science

As a Science facilitator I strive to instill a sense of wonder and curiosity in the learners...

Chitra Rajeevnath
University and Career Guidance counselor

It is something special, challenging, teaching, guiding and facilitating teenage students as we are to...

Sreedevi Nair
Secondary Teacher of English
Nida Razack
Part time secondary teacher of English

Working in education will guarantee that no two days look the same;

Arun Sathiya
Head of Department (Design & Technology)

Put your maximum effort in what you do, no matter the result...