KC High Ranked Among Top 10 International Schools in India

Middle & High School

Joyee Sarkar
Social Science Teacher

I am an engineer turned educator. My vision is that one day all children will have an equal opportunity to gain an excellent education. I wish to be the catalyst...

Roopa Narayan
Physics Teacher

"All of Physics is either impossible or trivial. It is impossible until you understand it, and then it becomes trivial". - Ernest Rutherford.


I am the school librarian, and I love interacting with the children and helping them to become successful readers both now and in the future.  I believe in stocking the library...

Urmi Basu
Language Arts Teacher

Being in the company of children brings out the best in me! I believe that sky is the limit when it comes to learning and that knowledge should be boundless.

Math Teacher

My life is good for two things now, One for teaching Mathematics and the other Discovering Mathematics! I motivate young minds in my class to enjoy learning the subject...

Science Teacher

I have been a Chemistry Teacher for the past 10 years and have worked in schools across India and abroad. I have enjoyed teaching students from various cultural backgrounds...

Tamil Language Teacher

I have a Masters in Philosophy in Tamil am extremely passionate about teaching children the Tamil language. I enjoy listening music and reading books in my spare time...

Revathi Shankar
Language Teacher - Hindi

I strongly feel that a teacher should be a motivator and facilitator. A teacher guides her/his learners to think independently.

Language Teacher - Spanish

Curiosity and the wish to improve inspires me every day as both a lifelong learner and as a teacher. I focus on developing my student's self-confidence, empathy...

Raji Nagarajan
Counsellor & Teacher of Psychology

"To understand, is to invent"- Jean Piaget. This has been my passion which brought me to psychology. I love working with children and see the way their personality...

PE & Football Coach

Football is a talent which I acquired as a toddler. It’s is my passion, my heart beat. I have climbed a long flight of stairs to reach the National level as a player and a referee...

PE & Basketball Coach

Basketball is a beautiful game when the 5 players on court play as one. As a coach, I enjoy strategizing with the players and preparing them not just for physical toughness...

ICT Faculty

I feel privileged to be a part of KC Family. I always believe that learning is a lifetime journey. To me teaching is not just a job but it is what gives me a great pleasure to live a life...

Sandhya Gopinath
Specialist - Art & Design

I am a Contemporary artist and an Art Educator with eight years of experience teaching visual art and design. I specialize in teaching teenagers and young adults...

Paul Daniel
Music Teacher

I have always been deeply passionate about music and have been teaching it since 2010. I believe music is the language of my soul. I play the piano, the keyboard and...

Meera Sampath Kumar
High School Teacher

Tapping the teachable moments in a classroom is the challenge that I look forward to as a learning facilitator. Strongly believe in UBUNTU (in Xhosa means ‘I am because We are’.

Reshu Chauhan

I love connecting with young minds,they are so vibrant, compassionate and enthusiastic. Spending time with them is like reliving your childhood!

Farasha Mohamed Hanif
Middle School Math Teacher

I love math and my goal is to reduce the fear that students have for the subject and try to pass on to the passion I have for it.

Uthraa Balakrishnan
Mid School Language Arts Teacher

I believe in the fact that “An eminent teacher kindles the innate talent in every child”. This, I feel has been motivating me to help students love the language.

Aditi Manavala
Art & Design Teacher

An alumnus of St.Stephens College, I have been in the teaching field for eight years. I hope to continue inspiring young minds in the field of Art and Design.

Aixa Munoz Spanish Language Teacher
Aixa Munoz
Language Teacher - Spanish

I am an avid learner with a passion for teaching, traveling, languages and culture. I strongly believe in a learner-centric approach to teaching, which promotes diversity...

Soju Salam
Guidance Counsellor

At KC I have an opportunity to help and guide the students to colleges that allow them to develop their talents and prepare them for rewarding careers...

Angel Roshika Alice
Science Teacher

I am an Engineer by training but became a learning facilitator by choice. My predilection for teaching has always given me an opportunity to interact with young minds...

Glory Hannah Dorothy
Teacher of Design Technology

I am still a learner. I started my career as a Graphic designer, Hailing from the family of teachers, I was inspired to become one. My passion is to share...

Hans Kaushik
Drama Teacher

I am a sculptor who moved into theatre and acting as a natural progression. A founder member of Magic Lantern, I am enthusiastic about taking drama to young people...

Lab Assistant
Teacher of Carpentry

A handyman, conservationist, I love the environment and believe in the process of nature. I passionate about sharing values systems to the next generation...

Andrea Jacob
Movement Teacher

I am a Movement therapist ,Creative movement specialist & Performing artist, in love with the joy of movement inspired from nature and toddler behavior...