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KC High International School
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Urmi Basu
Homeroom, Language Arts & Geography Teacher

Being in the company of children brings out the best in me! I believe that sky is the limit when it comes to learning and that knowledge should be boundless.

Raji Nagarajan
CAS Coordinator, Counsellor & Teacher of Psychology

"To understand, is to invent"- Jean Piaget. This has been my passion which brought me to psychology. I love working with children and see the way their personality...

Language Teacher - Spanish

Curiosity and the wish to improve inspires me every day as both a lifelong learner and as a teacher. I focus on developing my student's self-confidence, empathy...

Brinda Ananth
Social Science Department Head & History Teacher

As a 21st century educator, it is my belief that we need to create skill-based learning experiences for our students. 

R Vasundhara
Teacher for Mathematics

I believe to be a teacher, one needs to be a learner first...

Language Teacher-Tamil

I have a Masters in Philosophy in Tamil am extremely passionate about teaching children the Tamil language. I enjoy listening music and reading books in my spare time...

Revathi Shankar
Language Teacher - Hindi

I strongly feel that a teacher should be a motivator and facilitator. A teacher guides her/his learners to think independently.

PE & Basketball Coach

Basketball is a beautiful game when the 5 players on court play as one. As a coach, I enjoy strategizing with the players and preparing them not just for physical toughness...

Music Teacher

Professional: Trinity Guildhall - Intermediate Level Graded Examination in Music Literacy - Grade 5 Theory of Music. I want to spread the love...

Chemistry Teacher

I have been a Chemistry Teacher for the past 10 years and have worked in schools across India and abroad. I have enjoyed teaching students from various cultural backgrounds...

PE & Football Coach

Football is a talent which I acquired as a toddler. It’s is my passion, my heart beat. I have climbed a long flight of stairs to reach the National level as a player and a referee...

Radha Sethuraman
Homeroom & Math Teacher

Passionate about teaching and have been in this field of education in different roles for the last 6 years. I believe in teacher being a consistent learner...

Secondary Teacher of Computer Science

I feel privileged to be a part of KC Family. I always believe that learning is a lifetime journey. To me teaching is not just a job but it is what gives me a great pleasure to live a life...

Nancy Ninan
Homeroom & Social Science Teacher

I teach Social Science to third graders. I love teaching as it gives me immense pleasure to be around children and to help them find ways to progressively empower...

Amrutha Sasidhar
Language Teacher - Spanish

My love for learning a new language in Spanish took me in the direction of teaching. I enjoy travelling, quilting, painting and reading in my free time..

Farasha Mohamed Hanif
Homeroom & Math Teacher

I love math and my goal is to reduce the fear that students have for the subject and try to pass on to the passion I have for it.

Sara Phenix
Homeroom and Language Teacher - French

French is not only a language to learn, it's a culture to explore, feel and enjoy...

Soju Salam
Soju Salam
University & Guidance Counsellor

At KC I have an opportunity to help and guide the students to colleges that allow them to develop their talents and prepare them for rewarding careers...

Angel Roshika Alice
Science Teacher

I am an Engineer by training but became a learning facilitator by choice. My predilection for teaching has always given me an opportunity to interact with young minds...

Visual Arts Teacher

Art is understood and emphasised as a tool to build awareness of the aesthetic to support the development of an empathetic worldview. I firmly believe in teaching and developing a strong formalistic...

Hans Kaushik
Drama Teacher

I am a sculptor who moved into theatre and acting as a natural progression. A founder member of Magic Lantern, I am enthusiastic about taking drama to young people...

Chitra Aruloli - Social Sciences & Economics Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Chitra Aruloli
Social Sciences & Economics Teacher

Teaching as a profession is the best thing that could happen to me. I always carried the vision of knowing and understanding child psychology. Children are...

Glory Hannah Dorothy
Teacher of Design Technology

I am still a learner. I started my career as a Graphic designer, Hailing from the family of teachers, I was inspired to become one. My passion is to share...

Matthew Lawrence
Whole-school Teacher of Spanish

What do I want students to learn? And how do I organize the material to facilitate learning? These are the two key questions...

Vimal Kumar
Movement Teacher

Dancing has been my passion since childhood. I have achieved many things as a dancer and moulded and shaped many students. It gives me immense pleasure and pride...

Roshini - Math Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Roshini S
Homeroom & Math Teacher

I firmly believe that Mathematics is fundamental and essential. My aim is to make Math interesting and approachable to all learners.

Yogesh Jadhav - Technology Coordinator at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Yogesh Jadhav
Teacher of Design Tech & Technology Coordinator

Technology has become the bread and butter in my life, but doesn’t mean I am a Digital slave. I was fascinated by the way how Design can influence...

Preethi - Middle & High School Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Preethi Sritharan
Homeroom Teacher and Teacher of Biology & Global Perspectives

Always a pupil, sometimes a guide, bookworm, linguaphile and biologist. Taking inspiration from Carl Sagan's words,  "Somewhere, something incredible is..."

Sankar Rajangam
Physics Teacher

Discussing Physics gives me a high. Challenges in addressing intuitive and inquisitive questions from young minds always thrills and makes my day.

Sangeetha Rajendran - Business Studies Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Sangeetha Rajendran
Homeroom & Business Studies Teacher

Being a chartered accountant and a business entrepreneur, I'm here to connect and deliver my experiences with young adults stepping into actuality.

Prabhu C
Secondary Teacher of Business Management

I am a passionate teacher who believes in inquiry-based teaching. As Plato says “the essence of knowledge is self-knowledge”...

Aju Rajendran
Secondary Teacher for GP & English

I believe that teaching is assisting curiosity. It's that insatiable quest for seeking and knowing that fuelled...

Meera Ramaswamy
Homeroom & Language Arts Teacher

As a teacher, I believe it is my job to help my students discover the joy of learning and become lifelong learners. Eventually, I learn as much from them...

KC High IGCSE Cambridge International School in Chennai IB Candidate School - Ram Nautiyal Hindi Language Teacher
Ram Nautiyal
Language Teacher - Hindi

I am keen on supporting the young generation to discover their passions and attain excellence. Through a creative approach I want to devise and develop...

Suma Sankar
Grade 7 Homeroom Teacher

The joy of learning is embedded in the art of teaching and I believe that learning goes beyond the confines of classroom. I strive everyday to lead the path of my learners...

Maria Roe Vincent
Music Teacher

Maria Roe Vincent is a singer, vocal arranger, pianist and composer. She has completed 8 Grades of Practical Piano at the Trinity College Of Music, London and has a Bachelor's at the Berklee College of Music, Boston.

Prashanth Oliver
Drama Teacher

As a drama teacher, I want to give students the tools to express themselves fully. To be creative, explore their imaginations, play together...

Ruth Sargunam - Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Ruth Sargunam
Grade 6 Homeroom Teacher

Teaching language arts is my passion, not my profession. Playing the role of Petruchio and Romeo as a schoolgirl, attracted me to poetry and the beauty of writing...

Sangeetha Arunkumar
Math Teacher

“Learning is discovering, uncovering what is there in us” - Bruce Lee. I am an architect turned primary school teacher. As a teacher, I am committed to make learning...

Roohi Saleem
Secondary Teacher of English

An English Language enthusiast, at first by chance, and then by design, in the decade that I have been an ELT professional, I have assumed many roles—materials designer, digital content producer, trainer—but none that have brought me as much fulfilment as teacher...

Geetha Variar
Secondary Teacher of Science

I am a passionate science teacher. I call myself so because everyday is a new beginning as science opens up opportunities to explore, learn and educate...

Sandhya Venkatasubramanian
Secondary Teacher of English

I began my career, teaching preschool and elementary school children in the US. Having taught the primary as well as university level learners for quite some time, I feel elated to now tread the Middle-school path...

Anjali Nayan Mistry
Whole School Teacher of French

Teacher by accident but realizing it to be my ‘Ikigai’ is something that I am forever grateful for. I love kids as they truly teach the true essence of life to us- live as if there’s no tomorrow, laugh without hesitation, have a voice and yet be humble and grounded...

Hari Prasad
Math Teacher

Henri Lebesgue said that the only teaching a teacher can give is that of thinking in front of their students. I aspire to follow this profound thought.

Dr. Janani Bharatraj
Secondary Teacher of Mathematics

I have always believed that Mathematics is a subject that needs to be experienced. Having taught Math at various levels, I felt the urge to get back to school and help children enjoy the essence of math...

Vineeta Vijaykumar
Teacher of Computer Science

After long years as a software engineer I have embarked upon this journey to teach Computer Science to students...

Sakhvir Lawrence
Librarian & Digital Media Specialist

I love being a librarian as it provides me opportunities to connect with teachers and students across grades...

Anoop V
Secondary Teacher of Science

Inspired by my teacher who introduced me to the wonders of Chemistry, I chose to be a Chemistry teacher after my Post Graduation...

Ashish Chacko
Whole-School Teacher of French

Inciting curiosity in a child is one way of getting them to learn anything.

Duwayn Tellis
Secondary Economics Teacher

My objective is to be the kind of teacher that I would want to have if I was a learner...

Secondary Teacher for Mathematics

“Mathematics reveals its secrets only to those who approach it with pure love, for its own beauty,” said the Great Mathematician Archimedes...