Pre-Primary (Navallur)

Nayna Agarwal
Pre-Primary Homeroom Teacher

KC high happened to me as a good fortune. I love to be around children and educate them to the best of my abilities. Apart from teaching, I have a passion for music, dance, art & craft too.

Sangita Chakraborty
Pre-Primary Teacher

Teaching has always been my passion. Every day is a new beginning for me as I rediscover myself through my learners. I believe in a strong bond...

Divya Viswanathan
Pre-Primary Teacher

I like to wake up to new challenges everyday. Working with young learners keeps me on the go and helps me rejuvenate!

Pre-Primary Teacher

It's extremely fulfilling when career and passion come together. Working with young learners is extremely rewarding and it keeps me energized.

Gouthami Ganesh
Pre-Primary Teacher

Being with kids keeps me happy and enthusiastic. I learn from young learners. Teaching is a process of learning.  I love the profession and hence here I am.

Shweta Menon
Pre-Primary Teacher

"What’s the best part about being a teacher? Your learners. The different type of learners that you meet makes every single day a joy and also makes us a learner...

Sushmeeta Reddy
Pre-Primary Home Room Teacher

‘When one teaches, two learn ’-Robert Heinlein. Being a pre-primary educator for over 6 years I learn with my little ones every day and this keeps me elated and zestful.

Subha R T
Pre-Primary Teacher Assistant

A teacher is remembered not by her proficiency or skill set but by her kindness, empathy...

Bhuvaneshwari P
Pre-Primary Teacher Assistant

I have been teaching for 9 years now and there has not been a single day when I have not learnt something new from my children at school...