KC High Ranked Among Top 10 International Schools in India

Pre-Primary (Navallur)

Sangita Chakraborty

Teaching has always been my passion. Every day is a new beginning for me as I rediscover myself through my learners. I believe in a strong bond...

Divya Viswanathan
Pre-Primary Teacher

I like to wake up to new challenges everyday. Working with young learners keeps me on the go and helps me rejuvenate!

Pre-Primary Teacher

It's extremely fulfilling when career and passion come together. Working with young learners is extremely rewarding and it keeps me energized.

Meenakshi Nautiyal
Pre-Primary Teacher

I have always been passionate about working with children in the formative years of their lives. As a teacher I feel extremely appreciated when my learners learn something...

Pre-Primary Lead Teacher

I firmly believes that the early age is the best time to shape and influence a child’s passion for learning. I look forward  to contributing to the over all development of the child...

Nithya Muralidharan
Pre-Primary Teacher