Pre-Primary (Ranjith Road)

Abhirami Sricharan
Academic Coordinator

Passion drives my profession. Starting my career as a storyteller a decade back; now I thoroughly enjoy every bit of what I'm doing...

Mageswari Giri
Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

Having been a pre-primary educator for the past decade, my love for teaching has only amplified. Seeing the looks of excitement on my learners' faces as they explore the activities...

Sudha Menon
Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

Exuberant, ever willing to explore, experiment and learn, I leave no opportunity to bring out the child in me.

Betsy Loretta David
Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

I have a passion for teaching, and perpetual love for little kids and this keeps me excited in this profession.

Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

My passion is to work with young children and the highlights of my day will be when I see a child's eyes light up as they learn something new. I feel happy when I contribute...

Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

A dedicated and diligent early childhood educator, I have been a part of the KC family since 2009. I am a trained Montessori veteran, and I have been told...

Reena S
Pre-Primary Inclusive Educator

I strongly believe every child matters. Trying my best to encourage them to never stop trying...

Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

I believe in learning everyday, I enjoy being with kids and enhance my knowledge by reading books. I enjoy working with an innovative team and KC High provides...

KC High Pre-Primary Teacher Bhavani Pradeep
Bhavani Pradeep
Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

There is never a dull moment when working with kids! I enjoy every opportunity that come out of these interactions.

Maria Prabhakaran
Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

Every day is a new experience for me with the Bright Bunnies. As an individual, it gives me immense joy and happiness to see my kids blossom in knowledge and confidence...

Mercy Nirmala
Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

Children are a gift from God and I enjoy every moment with kids through their innocent love and smile. My love for children motivated me to step into a new role as an educator from being a homemaker...

Valentina Gaspar
Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

My passion for music and art helps me connect better with children. Every day with kids is different and there is never a dull moment with them...

PL.Meenakshi (Nithya)
Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

A teacher for toddler kids for whom the school is a ‘home away from home’, the same goes with me as well! Never had I thought that I would jump, run, dance, slither and roll with kids and also end up bringing out the toddler in me...

S. Heena Sultana
Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

The love, laughter and imagination of children are like an eternal fountain of joy. When my Toddler babies take an interest in rhymes and make an attempt to tell a story on their own, my day feels complete...

Sahana Giri
Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

An eager fledgeling in the teaching world, I'm enjoying planning activities and sessions for my students! Seeing a child smile and delight in their learning is a marvellous thing...

S. Pramila
PE Teacher

An enthusiastic physical education professional dedicated to promoting physical and mental wellbeing of children. Being an avid athlete and a volleyball player I enjoy playing all kinds of sports...

Sathiya. C
Teacher Assistant

My love for young children brought me into KC.

Teacher Assistant
Teacher Assistant
Teacher Assistant
Priya B.
Teacher Assistant

My teaching dream came true when I joined the KC family. Today I can proudly and confidently call myself an established educator of young learners. Kids Central encouraged...

Teacher Assistant
Raji Surendran
Teacher Assistant
Linu Cherian
Pre-primary Homeroom teacher

A quote I believe in is 'Be the teacher you needed when you were younger'...

Latha Rajesh
Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us...

Sanjana D Felix
Pre-primary Homeroom Teacher
Pre - Primary Homeroom Teacher

Having been a pre-primary teacher for more than a decade, I see learning as a lifelong....