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IB Candidate School

Primary School

Lakshmi D Pre-Primary School Coordinator at KC High Kotturupuram Chennai IGCSE School
Lakshmi D
Grade 1 Teacher
I am Lakshmi, also known as Aarthi. I facilitate teaching/learning as a Pre-Primary Coordinator and…
Irene Sangeetha
Grade 1 Teacher
I began my career as a Graphic Designer but chose to move into teaching, led…
Grade 1 Teacher
I hold a Bachelors of Engineering degree and a Master’s degree in International Education. I…
Christina Joshua
Grade 2 Teacher
I believe in sharing my learning and knowledge with others. I am very passionate about…
Seshu Chauhan - Grade 2 Primary Teacher at KC High
Seshu Chauhan
Grade 2 Teacher
I love connecting with young minds,they are so vibrant, compassionate and enthusiastic. Spending time with…
Nancy Ninan
Grade 3 Teacher
I teach Social Science to third graders. I love teaching as it gives me immense…
Gayatri Shantaram
Gayatri Shantaram
Grade 3 Teacher and Co-Teacher for Art
My curiosity for art was nurtured by my teachers from an early age which spurred…
Radha Sethuraman
Grade 4 Teacher
Radha S,a qualified professional to handle CIE curriculum . Passionate about teaching and has been…
Sreedevi Nair
Grade 5 Teacher
I find nothing more exhilarating than working with the primary grades! I am committed to…
Grade 3 Teacher
I grew up with an insatiable curiosity to learn about and understand various aspects of…
KC High IGCSE Cambridge International School in Chennai IB Candidate School - Ram Nautiyal Hindi Language Teacher
Ram Nautiyal
Language Teacher - Hindi
I am keen on supporting the young generation to discover their passions and attain excellence.…
Ana Gonzalez
Language Teacher - Spanish
I am an energetic and positive Spanish teacher, passionate traveller and constant learner who cares…
Jeeno Jacob
Grade 4 Teacher
We live in a time where the world faces great crises, from social inequity to…
Language Teacher - Tamil
My goal as an educator is to develop a love of learning which stays with…
Music Teacher
I want to spread the love of music amongst the next generation.
ICT Faculty
I love teaching, and I work hard to bring out the best in each child,…
Library Assistant
Specialist - Art
Vidya Bajaj Grade 1 Teacher at KC High
Vidya Bajaj
Grade 1 Teacher
My aim as a teacher is to mould young learners into confident and caring individuals.…
Mary Veronica - Special Educator at KC High
Mary Veronica
Special Educator
As a passionate and compassionate inclusive educator, I love to be in the company of…
Preethi Grade 4 Teacher
Preethi Sunder Ram
Grade 4 Teacher
Teaching is an incredibly rewarding job. I enjoy being challenged and love the joys that…