Primary School

Megha Goel - Primary Grade 1 Teacher
Megha Goel
Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

A certified Montessori, IB PYP and Cambridge Primary educator, I have worked over the past decade with varied age groups in Delhi, Goa and Chennai...

Vidya Bajaj
Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

My aim as a teacher is to mould young learners into confident and caring individuals. I work hard to ensure that children are engaged in the classroom...

Irene Sangeetha
Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

I began my career as a Graphic Designer but chose to move into teaching, led by my passion for educating children and young people...

Huma Pershad
Huma Pershad
Assistant Primary School Coordinator

I have a post graduate in Fashion and Design from NIFT Delhi, and started my work life in fashion and retail, working for one of India's top designers...

Christina Joshua
Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher

I believe in sharing my learning and knowledge with others. I am very passionate about my career as it fills my life with positivity and gives me an opportunity..

Virginia Rose
Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

Working with children has become a part of my being, having taught for 18 years. I strive to engage my learners in ways they find interesting and exciting.

Gladia - Primary Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chenna
Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

I began my career as a Computer Science Engineer. I soon realized my passion for teaching and making students relish their learning process. I love exploring teaching strategies and enjoy working with children.

Sonia Pudota
Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

With four generations of teachers in my family , the passion for teaching is  part of my DNA. I strongly believe in the quote by Haim Ginot “Children are like wet cement...

Dr. Lynette Johnson
Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher

I chose to be a teacher because teaching is not just a profession, it is a mission. Children, who are like clay are moulded and shaped by the hands of a teacher.

Language Teacher - Tamil

My goal as an educator is to develop a love of learning which stays with students throughout their lives. Learning is a process that should last a life time for every individual...

Rupavahini - Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

I have done my masters in Food technology from RMIT, Australia. I feel it’s right to say “when one teaches two learn”.  My past career involved teaching...

Visual Arts Teacher

I am a  passionate educator with  21 years of experience in art education at elementary and middle school levels.  I hold a Masters degree in Sociology, a Diploma in drawing and painting, and a diploma in visual arts specializing in ceramics from Kalakshetra...



Paul Daniel
Music Teacher

I have always been deeply passionate about music and have been teaching it since 2010. I believe music is the language of my soul. I play the piano, the keyboard and...

Jeeno Jacob
Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

We live in a time where the world faces great crises, from social inequity to conflict, climate change,  intolerance, and poverty. Education and schools should be the space...

Language Teacher - Tamil

I consider myself fortunate as I get to live my passion through my work. At the end of the day there is no better feeling than knowing that you have played a vital role...

ICT Faculty

I love teaching, and I work hard to bring out the best in each child, where the creativity and unique potential of each of them is identified and nurtured...

Mary Veronica
Special Educator

As a passionate and compassionate inclusive educator, I love to be in the company of children. I believe ‘Inclusion starts with I’. Despite the challenges associated...

Sudha Tamilvanan
Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

Pursuing my teaching career with an ardent passion to make young minds become lifelong learners and critical thinkers...

Tasha Joseph - Traditional Dance Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Tasia Joseph
Movement Teacher

My childhood passion for dance ,urged me to take it as my profession, which made me complete my PG in Bharatanatyam from Kalakshetra . Over the years...

Praveena Amalan
Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

After fifteen years of IT experience, I finally gave shape to my dream to be amongst children. Looking at the world around us through their curious questions excites me the most...

Krithika Varadarajan
Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

As a teacher, I try to provide a friendly, nurturing space for the children so that they are free to explore different avenues of learning and realize their full potential...

Prashanth - Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher at KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai
Prashanth Varma
Grade 4 Homeroom teacher

The first step to efficient teaching is the willingness to learn. Learning is a ceaseless process. My journey has now begun...

Vidya Krishnan
Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher

I've strived to follow this for the last decade since I accidentally found my raison d’être. I truly believe, given the right conditions every human being is capable of wonderful things at times beyond one’s own imagination...

Sangeetha S
PE & Athletics Coach
Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

I firmly believes that the early age is the best time to shape and influence a child’s passion for learning. I look forward  to contributing to the over all development of the child...

PE & Athletics Coach

I marked my prints in the 2017 All India long jump and triple jump.  I hope to use the learnings from my journey, to train kids to work hard and be resilient.

Nikitha S
Primary School Counsellor

I firmly believe that each child is unique & special. As a school psychologist, I love to embrace their fun and quirky nature and help them turn into better versions of themselves.

Jerin Jill
Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

I strongly believe in the phrase “The influence of a good teacher can never be erased”. Although this wasn't my cup of tea when I stepped into teaching, I eventually realized this profession is a place...

Anusha Thanna
Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

After spending my initial years working in the corporate banking field and then as a stay at home mother to my twin daughters, I decided to take the leap and pursue my childhood passion of teaching. My own journey of motherhood deepened my interest in early childhood education...

Meenakshi Nautiyal
Language Teacher - Hindi

I have always been passionate about working with children in the formative years of their lives. As a teacher I feel extremely appreciated when my learners learn something...

Madhuvanthi Vivek
Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

'The greatest Oak was once a seed', I resonate immensely with this saying, as I believe every child is gifted in their unique ways...

Meena Mohan
Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

"In learning you will teach , and in teaching you will learn.”

Disha Chatterjee
Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

I believe teachers are the heart of an educational institute. We all remember our beloved...

Cristina Samboal
Language Teacher - Spanish

Teaching and learning side by side with young kids is enlightening and immensely...

Shyama Silvana Swaminathan
Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

I'm a Facilitator, a Guide and I love my job! It's my passion and my calling! It's amazing how a child’s face lights up and smiles….that’s more gratifying than anything else in the world! As a Montessorian there’s nothing in the world I’d rather do than teach children...

Shalini Chandramohan
Inclusive Educator

Keep smiling, cause life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about...

Dhooriha Ramanathan
Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

I'm proud to be a part of KC high International school. I believe children...

Anitha Chellappa
Communications Manager and Whole-school Teacher of French and English (including EAL)

Children are natural learners with insatiable curiosity. I believe in keeping...

Meghna C
Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher
Kalaivani. C
Teacher Assistant for ART

I am a aspiring artist and budding art educator who believes in the transformative...