KC High Ranked Among Top 10 International Schools in India

Primary School

Irene Sangeetha
Grade 1 Teacher

I began my career as a Graphic Designer but chose to move into teaching, led by my passion for educating children and young people; education is a powerful tool, and I want to use that tool to develop the potential of every young mind I have the privilege of teaching.

I enjoy learning and enhancing my skills as a teacher and see myself eventually leading and guiding other junior teachers.

Vidya Bajaj Grade 1 Teacher at KC High
Vidya Bajaj
Grade 1 Teacher

My aim as a teacher is to mould young learners into confident and caring individuals. I work hard to ensure that children are engaged in the classroom and enjoy the learning process.

Huma Pershad
Huma Pershad
Grade 2 Teacher

I have a post graduate in Fashion and Design from NIFT Delhi, and started my work life in fashion and retail, working for one of India's top designers. I eventually retrained as a teacher and now hold a Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning. I now have close to 7 years experience in Kids Central teaching Kindergarten Kids & preschoolers. I believe in making learning an enjoyable and involved process keeping different learning styles and ability needs in mind.

Christina Joshua
Grade 2 Teacher

I believe in sharing my learning and knowledge with others. I am very passionate about my career as it fills my life with positivity and gives me an opportunity to grow and learn new things.

Ishwarya Grade 2 Teacher KC High IGCSE and IB International School Navallur OMR
Ishwarya Daggubati
Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

I believe that education should be a joyous and enriching experience, shaping the minds of the future. Hailing from a background in design and entrepreneurship, and having explored a gamut of fields, I soon realised my passion for teaching. I enjoy working and learning with the children and going on adventures, just as much as they do.

Amrutha Sasidhar Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher
Amrutha Sasidhar
Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

My love for learning a new language in Spanish took me in the direction of teaching. I enjoy travelling, quilting, painting and reading in my free time. I also love making up stories for children.

Nancy Ninan
Grade 3 Teacher

I teach Social Science to third graders. I love teaching as it gives me immense pleasure to be around children and to help them find ways to progressively empower themselves through exploration, skill enhancement and reinvention – all for a better future!

I also find myself in the process of moving forward in the direction of reinvention. This makes me, as teacher, better able to facilitate my learners in becoming independent inventors, discoverers and better citizens and in order to help them to thrive holistically in a fast paced world.

Sonia Pudota
Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

With four generations of teachers in my family , the passion for teaching is  part of my DNA. I strongly believe in the quote by Haim Ginott Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression”. Children give me the positive energy to do my best.

Heerr Shah
Heerr Shah
Grade 3 Teacher

I love learning, being challenged and seek to create an environment that enhances a child’s creativity.
My move from a business portfolio to a teacher comes from the basic principle of making my students compassionate beings.

Anuka KC High Grade 3 Teacher and French Teacher
Anuka Lourdes Sima
Grade 3 & French Language Teacher

My zeal for learning foreign languages eventually turned into a roaring interest to help facilitate learning among children. So, here I am. I am also an avid cyclist and a movement enthusiast.

Virginia Rose KC High Grade 4 Teacher
Virginia Rose
Grade 4 Teacher

Working with children has become a part of my being, having taught for 18 years. I strive to engage my learners in ways they find interesting and exciting.

Preethi Grade 4 Teacher
Preethi Sunder Ram
Grade 4 Teacher

Teaching is an incredibly rewarding job. I enjoy being challenged and love the joys that come with teaching. I use best practices from different methodologies to enhance learning in the classroom and outside. I enjoy reading books, travelling and gardening.

Radha Sethuraman
Grade 4 Teacher

Radha S,a qualified professional to handle CIE curriculum .
Passionate about teaching and has been in this field of education in different roles for the last 6 years. I believe in teacher being a consistent learner and so I ensure I read relevant books that helps me keep abreast of recent changes in the evolving field of education.

Sreedevi Nair
Grade 5 Teacher

I find nothing more exhilarating than working with the primary grades! I am committed to keeping learners excited about learning and enabling them to carry what they learn forward. My objective is to be an educator who looks beyond tomorrow.

I unwind with a good book, and motivating my three year old to seek out more books is my current mission!

Christal Rebeka Kleinman Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher
Christal Rebeka Kleinman
Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

"You can use your words to Criticise what is OR use them to Build what might be"- Lisa Bevere

I want to be a facilitator to help children express themselves to build strong values as they face the world.
KC High IGCSE Cambridge International School in Chennai IB Candidate School - Ram Nautiyal Hindi Language Teacher
Ram Nautiyal
Language Teacher - Hindi

I am keen on supporting the young generation to discover their passions and attain excellence. Through a creative approach I want to devise and develop ways to encourage students further while also aiming to help them deepen their knowledge and understanding.

Ana Gonzalez
Language Teacher - Spanish

I am an energetic and positive Spanish teacher, passionate traveller and constant learner who cares very much for the well-being of children. I love healthy food, hot, good black coffee and animals!
I think that children should be given the opportunity to learn and be nurtured in a safe and stress-free environment.

Language Teacher - Tamil

My goal as an educator is to develop a love of learning which stays with students throughout their lives. Learning is a process that should last a life time for every individual and is not limited to children. With this in mind, my profession has been a source of pride since I began teaching in 2004.
I have a degree in science and a degree in Education and hold a Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning. I love teaching the primary level using an activity based method and am passionate about listening and learning music.

Music Teacher

I want to spread the love of music amongst the next generation.

Jeeno Jacob
Grade 4 Teacher

We live in a time where the world faces great crises, from social inequity to conflict, climate change,  intolerance, and poverty. Education and schools should be the space that empowers and prepares children to make changes for the better, for themselves and for society as a whole. By teaching, I play my part in this endeavour and hopefully offer something meaningful to young people today and in the future. In the process, I am also learning.

Specialist - Art
ICT Faculty

I love teaching, and I work hard to bring out the best in each child, where the creativity and unique potential of each of them is identified and nurtured. I also enjoy travelling and spending time with my family.

Mary Veronica - Special Educator at KC High
Mary Veronica
Special Educator

As a passionate and compassionate inclusive educator, I love to be in the company of children. I believe ‘Inclusion starts with I’. Despite the challenges associated with practice of inclusion, I feel content when children with special needs play and talk; learn and enjoy with their peers and feel a sense of belonging.

Rajakumari Tamil Language Teacher
Language Teacher - Tamil

I consider myself fortunate as I get to live my passion through my work. At the end of the day there is no better feeling than knowing that you have played a vital role in a student's life.

Vimal Kumar Movement Teacher
Vimal Kumar
Movement Teacher

Dancing has been my passion since childhood. I have achieved many things as a dancer and moulded and shaped many students. It gives me immense pleasure and pride when my students talk to me about dance, their careers and the many ways that dance has influenced their lives.

Akshaya Special Educator
Akshaya Ravi
Special Educator

Inspiring energy and fresh perspectives are the strings that pull me towards young minds. Contributing to their world, in the way I can, is a pleasure.

Priyadarshini PE Coach Primary Section
PE Coach (Primary Section)

I marked my prints in the 2017 All India long jump and triple jump.  I hope to use the learnings from my journey, to train kids to work hard and be resilient.