Cross-grade interaction between Grade 4 and Grade 10 students

KC High Cross-grade interaction between Grade 4 and Grade 10 students

Grade 4 students are learning to classify rocks into three categories based on how they are formed.  In order to learn about rock formation, they tried to simulate rock cycle using chocolates.

Chocolates were ground into small particles (weathered), heated, cooled and compressed – just like rocks.  Unlike rocks, chocolates can undergo these processes safely and at reasonable temperatures.

The session was driven by the grade 10 students who divided them into four groups. In groups, children grated the bars of chocolates and made sediments of white and brown chocolates. With the help of grade 10 students, the children applied pressure on the sediments to form sedimentary rocks. Further, they were challenged to change the shape of the rock chocolates and they ended up making metamorphic rocks.

Lastly, the rocks went through double boiling to get into molten state. The molten rocks were cooled instantly which resulted in the formation of igneous rocks. Once it was cooled, it was fun to pull out the chocolates from the foil.

A highly productive cross-grade interaction session.

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