Descubre – Social Science Fest

As part of the Social Science fest Descubre, KC High conducted quizzes for different grade levels, played mapping games, did some star gazing, read books and also gave a hand at cave painting.

Some of the activities included Stargazing in the AV room where they used an app on the ipad to view stars and the different constellations, then there was the viking game set up in the library which the kids thoroughly enjoyed playing and lastly some cave painting in the art room.

Meanwhile in the assembly area the SS kids (grade 5) presented a mock courtroom scene to depict the functioning of the judicial system. They then branched off with the GG kids after a quiz on monuments to do a mapping activity. Here they were given a set of questions and atlases. They had to refer to the atlases and respond to the questions given.

The middle schoolers were given a map of India and they had to in 7 minutes mark the states and its capitals.

The quiz for the High schoolers included a written round, a map round where they had to mark deserts and a round where they were given airport codes in India and they had to identify the name of the airport and the city.

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