Elliots Beach Run & Cleanup Drive

KC began its “Run with your child” initiative 6 months ago! Every Saturday parents and kids would assemble at the Besant Nagar beach for a weekly run. We arranged for parents to be run mentors for each age group of kids to help them prepare and pace themselves.  This culminated toward the big KC Run on Saturday, January 24th.

As a run up to the KC Run, a running expo was organised where participating kids and their parents came together to listen to a talk by famed runner Neville Billimoria. We collaborated with physiotherapists from SPARRC Institute who briefed the kids about safety aspects and taught them some warm up and cool down exercises.

Children from ages 4 upward took part in the event. While the younger ones ran with a parent, kids 6 years and above ran independently. They ran in the 2k,4k and 6k categories. It was very encouraging to see them at 6.00 am on Saturday morning bursting with energy. Parents and School staff were deeply involved in the planning process and took on responsibilities with enthusiasm. They were in charge of marshalling, manning water stations, and traffic regulation. It was heartening to note that every child finished the run in the category that they had signed up for.

Once they finished the run kids got into pairs and began the beach clean up. They went about the work with utmost seriousness with their gloves and masks. The garbage was then segregated. Earth Recyclers, the organisation with whom we had tied up with spoke to the kids about waste management. Their volunteers interacted with the kids and answered various queries. The kids shared their knowledge on recycling and reusing and contributed effectively to the discussion.

Way to go kids!

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