Field Trip: Grade 2 students visit Mylapore’s Kapaleeshwarar Temple

KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai Field Trip 2019 with Leaping Lions

The Leaping Lions explored their cultural heritage with a trip to Mylapore’s Kapaleeshwarar temple.They learnt about the history of the temple and its architecture, noting important structures. Some examples the Learners came up with is ‘Kodimaram’, the corner of the temple from where all the 4 towers or ‘Gopurams’ etc. They discovered the significance behind prostration, as a symbol of humility or respect before a God. The learners visited the cow shed and personally met the holiest cow karpagam.

They followed this exciting learning experience with activities which helped them connect with the classroom work. They employed their LA skills by depicting the field trip using appropriate adjectives, describing the setting using their senses, used their skills in math creatively by showing their trip in numbers and made observational drawings.

They also experienced the practical application of their Math and LA skills by shopping near the temple. They learned the habits of logical and economic buying, handling money, interacting with buyers, and arithmetic for buying.

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