Field Trip to Cocoa Shaala – Cool Cats (Grade 1)

Field Trip Cool Cats Cocoa Shaala 1

The children from Cool Cats (Grade 1) recently went on a field trip to Cocoa Shaala. The objective of the field trip was for learners to use their senses to experience the process of chocolate making.

Learners got to understand how the cocoa bean transformed through multiple stages to add aroma and flavour to the chocolates. They also got to touch and feel the essential and important ingredients that went into making the chocolate. They were very intrigued to learn that there was something called “bad chocolate” They were given tips on how to identify and avoid it.

Learners made their own Chocólollies! Through this they observed how the chocolate from the liquid state transformed to solid through a cooling process. They relished the experience of ‘tasting’  by using their tongue and not biting! They differentiated between milk and dark chocolate.

The outing helped add many new words to their vocabulary like roasted, cocoa nibs, cocoa butter etc. Learners reflected on their experience through stories, flowcharts and illustrations. They created their own chocolate boxes by drawing arrays. They sorted natural and artificial ingredients in the chocolates.

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