Field trip to Kalpakkam Township

Recently, our seventh graders and the geography students of Grade 9 visited Kalpakkam Township to understand the socio-economic impact that the natural disasters have on the lives of the people. Towards that our learners went on an empathy walk, engaging actively with the township families and some of the fishermen communities near the coasts. They also interviewed them about their experience and their survival stories.

They also got a chance to engage in a conversation with a senior research scientist working at Indira Gandhi Centre For Atomic Research to understand the functioning of the nuclear power plant and some disaster prevention measures that ensures the safety of the atomic unit. It became even more meaningful for our learners as they saw diverse perspectives surfacing within a small township about the post disaster management and support received by the government and private sector.

The children also visited the shore to identify and understand some of the coastal depositional features. Post the field trip, they framed their hypothesis and tested it using the data they collected through a survey questionnaire that they had prepared before the field trip based on their research on Kalpakkam.

View the videos below to hear directly from the children.

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