Grade 2 field trip to Sharma Centre for Heritage Education

Leaping Lions visited the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education to get  hands on learning experience on Stone age. Learners took part in a three hour workshop which covered the following aspects of the Stone Age:

  • Evolution of man
  • Stone age tools
  • Cave Art
  • Dressing up as a prehistoric human
  • Hands on experience as an archaeologist

The module began with a 10 minute powerpoint presentation on the evolution of man. Through the presentation learners were introduced to the words ‘Australopithecus’, ‘Homo erectus’ and ‘Homo Sapiens’. They compared the skull of the Australopithecus and Homo erectus using real samples. They were shown the timeline of the evolution of man from Australopithecus to Homosapiens.

After the presentation learners were taken to the prehistoric museum cum workshop center. Here they were introduced to the stone age tools. Learners got to see a live demonstration of the making of the stone age tools. Hammer stone is used to strike the core to make the flakes. These flakes are then carved and used for various purposes like spear head for  hunting, as a knife for cutting etc. With assistance learners got to try their hand in using the tool for shaving the wood and cutting a leather cloth.

After this session, learners who were interested, dressed up as early men- leather waist cloth, flower wreath around their head and a necklace made of beads and shells.

From here learners went to explore the prehistoric cave art. They were given paints made of natural materials like- turmeric powder and Kum-Kum powder. A long cloth was tied around the trees in the outdoor area for painting. Children were encouraged to use the brush made out of twigs for painting. They painted hunting scenes, prehistoric people in the village, the animals like bull, mammoth etc.

Children then proceeded towards the ‘Excavation patch’. Each child was given a set of tools which included a brush, hand shovel and flags. They first watched how to use the tools and then went on to use the tools to excavate bones, skull, stone tools, shells etc using the brush and shovel. Each time they found an object of interest, they put the flag in the spot.

After the excavation game, learners got to share their learning /major take away from the workshop. They were also a given a certificate for having attended the workshop.

The workshop was an apt introduction to the  topic ‘Hunters and Gatherers’. Through the sense of sight, touch, hear and smell- they got to experience the life of a stone age man.


Back in school learners were divided into four groups. Each group focused on one aspect of the stone age period. We read a book called ‘Stone Age boy’ which helped learners to recollect their learnings from the workshop. Each group was also given handouts and pictures to organize their thoughts. Learners worked in groups and created a collage of the lives of Stone age man.

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