Grade 6 children travel on the Chennai Metro

Grade 6 children took a ride on the Chennai metro and had a first hand experience of the world class commuting system operational in the city since 2015. It was their maiden ride in the city. They were taken to the Alandur station by bus from school. Once there, they were led to the automated ticketing machine in order to book their tickets. Some of them operated the machine on their own. Once the ticket tokens were issued, they went up a flight of escalator to reach the platform and waited for the train to arrive.

The onward journey to Koyembedu, a distance of 17 km lasted for almost 15 minutes. In koyembedu station everyone deboarded. Thereafter the entire process was repeated once again to come back to Alandur station. On the way back, they calculated the speed of the train based on the time and distance in both km/hr and m/sec.

Overall it was a very thrilling and exciting experience for them. They were particularly impressed with the cleanliness of the stations and trains and punctuality of the trains.

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