Grade 7 Field Trip to Dakshina Chitra

KC High IGCSE and IB International School Navalur OMR Chennai Grade 7 Field Trip Dakshina Chitra


  • Extended learning on sustainability
  • Various methods involved in leading a sustainable life
  • Importance of waste segregation
  • Minimize use of non biodegradable materials

Students took part in a three hour workshop conducted by Dakshina Chitra on Sustainability. On arrival, the students watched a powerpoint presentation on the types of pollutants that has been choking the earth. Students actively participated in a quiz on the time taken by various materials to decompose. This also included the screening of a video showing the harmful effects of pollutants.

Following the presentations, students were taken on a visit to two types of dwellings within the property of Dakshina Chitra. One of the houses depicted the architecture and lifestyle of a Syrian Christian Family in Kerala. They could familiarize themselves with the different parts of the house, the furniture and the material it was made of, utensils used, methods of storing provisions, effective utilization of natural light etc. The second house they visited depicted a farmer’s dwelling in Telengana. Students were taught about the relevance of the architecture and the materials used in building the house to the climatic conditions. Students were amazed to see how an entire house could be built with locally sourced materials. They asked many questions such as:

  • Why is cow dung used on the floor in the Telengana house?
  • Is there a particular reason for the roof to be shaped like an inverted cone?
  • Why don’t the houses have attached washrooms?
  • Why is there a boat attached to the Syrian Christian house?

While students were taken to these houses, they filled in a questionnaire given by Dakshina Chitra to reflect on their learning.

In addition, two activities were planned by Dakshina Chitra for the students where they could paint a design using a stencil in a cloth bag and joined hands with the potter to make pots using clay. They were very happy and excited to take home their creations as souvenirs.

Important learnings from this trip:

  • Houses can be built with materials which are sourced locally from the surrounding areas. Eg: palm leaf for the roof of the Telengana house and wood from the nearby forest of the Syrian Christian house
  • Most of the things used in our daily life are non biodegradable and take many years to decompose. Eg. plastic bags and bottles
  • We should lead a more conscious lifestyle and minimize use of non biodegradable materials and eat locally grown fruits and vegetables.

As a concluding activity in class, they learnt to make shopping bags by recycling newspapers.

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