Grade 8 Field Trip – Public Transport System in Chennai

Students of Grade 8 went on a field trip to compare and contrast the public transport system in Chennai, draw parallels and reflect on the effectiveness, strategies and plans used for public convenience.


Children interviewed people from nearby locality/within school (For eg. Teachers, Staff, Helping staff), people who have had experience of living outside Chennai, outside  India for a quite a significant time to value add to their findings. At the end they collated their findings through facts and underlying assumptions.

The children were divided into 4 groups (Auto/Bus/Train/Online Public Transport). They had to interview the commuters who have used both public and private transport to commute from home to work or a different place within the city on a daily basis.


Based on their inputs, the students framed their questions for the survey questionnaire to be used during the field trip to validate their underlying assumptions. The questions framed for the survey had to be open ended and had quota for various stakeholders who were involved in creating an ideal and efficient public transport system.


On the day of field trip, students traveled from Kotturpuram to Mandaveli in teams. They were accompanied by a teacher to perform a comparative analysis of the major public transport system used in Chennai. They used the survey questionnaire to interview various stakeholders involved to get a fair understanding of the problems associated with the public transport system.

The parameters that they were looking forward to assess were:

·         Total time taken to travel the distance.

·         Cost effectiveness

·         Inter modality

·         Frequency and Accessibility

·         Safety and Convenience

·         Environment friendly


Students created video logs to document the whole learning process in pairs. They collected data to validate their findings.  In the process they reflected and answered various questions ranging from “What were some of the problems that you faced during your travel?”, “Were you able to observe any differences between the values and mindsets of the commuters? to “How can costs be minimized for passengers?”, “Does World Bank support well managed but exclusively state run public transport systems ,or is the policy preference for those systems with a strong element of private ownership and management?”

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