Grass for thought

My life was wonderful. As soon as I came out of my mother’s womb, I huddled back beside her to have my share of milk. But, before long a milkman came and shooed me away to take his portion of my (or so I assumed!) milk for the rest of the world! I always wondered why they got to share my mother’s milk… Did they also come out of her womb as I did? Then are we all brothers and sisters….?

As I grew up, I followed my mom around. But it was easier said than done….if I didn’t walk along with her, or dragged behind a little, a speeding car or bus or worse, a bike, was sure to hit me. I learnt early on to sharpen my reflexes while on the road. I may not have a license to be on the road, but considering that licenses were being given to over speeding maniacal drivers, I guess I shouldn’t question that document’s validity for safe driving. It seems more of a license to kill in some people’s hands than anything else!

One day, as I was eating food from near the dumpster in my house along the highway, I saw my picture in the paper…. I quickly stopped chewing, which is not an easy thing to do if you are a cow. Anyway, I looked through the article and realized that suddenly everyone was fighting over my right to live or die. I wondered if I should feel exhilarated or petrified.

People with red tikkas on their foreheads came rushing towards me and put red tikkas on my forehead too. It was like we had signed a pact. For what? For my safeguarding? Right to property? Right to existence? Right to medical care? Right to proper housing? Turned out it was none of the above. They just wanted me to be the face of a new kind of terror they wanted to unleash on their fellow living friends. I guess my vacuous face is the reason behind all this.

Am I to be the face of a new kind of terrorism???

Violence in the name of a Cow??!!

They say that it is 70 years since India became independent. But long before that, we had become a symbol for religious and political debates. Has anyone ever asked us what we feel about religion, politics, economy or methane gas???

Perhaps it’s time someone did………..

Grass for thought………moo…………………….


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