Holi Celebrations @ KC High

An exciting morning as we celebrated HOLI at KC. Students performed role plays, make cards for friends and did listening and reading exercises related to this vibrant festival.

While Ankitha and Ritika talked about the different festivals celebrated in India, Harsh of Grade 8 came and gave HOLI a special focus. Given that this program was initiated by the Hindi department, Hindi was the primary language of communication. Threya of Grade 6 helped with the translation for those who could not follow.

The middle and high school students enacted the story of Prahalada. The students wrote their own script and performed the act enthusiastically and held the attention of the audience quite impressively.

The grade 4 students collectively wrote a poem and even composed a tune for it! They performed it with interesting actions.

The third graders delivered speeches that emphasized the significance of Holi.

The second and the fifth grade students eagerly worked on displays to put up on the boards.

At the end of the program all students got a ‘Thilak’. Needless to say organic colours were used for the same!

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