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A summer well-spend the hindu article

Students of this school in Kotturpuram take up community work as part of their holiday assignment

Students of Kids Central High School at Kotturpuram made the most of their summer vacation. How? As assignment for the summer vacation, each had to take up some form of community service.

Recently, the school organised a “community service showcase programme”, where these assignments were exhibited. The motto of the programme was: “Care, collaborate, create and foster social well-being”.

Saadhana and Ankita, students of Grade X, spent their vacation with autistic children from the Swabodhini Special School at Thiruvanmiyur. They made a documentary film on autism, and also conducted a sale of bakery products and donated the proceeds to the school.

Kairav from Grade 2 participated in a turtle rescue campaign. Visvesh, a Grade VI student, made spectacle cases, medicine boxes and bed trays using spare materials and donated them to an old age home. Kush and Naveen made an online documentary ‘The world in 2050’, showing the catastrophic effect of pollution. A total of 225 students across Grades I to X took part in the summer assignment.

“The objective of this assignment was to make students do projects that they can sustain throughout the year and don’t see as a chore,” said Lakshmi Suresh, primary school coordinator.

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