Interviewing Zeenath akka for fiction & non-fiction writing

The Dynamic Dolphins was divided into groups of 6 or 7. Each group was given a fictional account and a non-fiction account of Gandhi. After reading these books they listed out the similarities and differences between the way the two books were written. Each group presented their findings with the class. Later each group was assigned a ‘bhaiya’ or ‘akka’ in the school to create a fictional and a non-fiction account about them. As a first step the children planned the type of questions that they would ask during the interview. Then they went about interviewing and taking notes about the person assigned. Once back into the class each group was further divided, such that one worked on the fictional account and the other worked on the non-fiction account. The groups presented their books to the class. They also shared their experience of writing these book with the whole school during assembly.

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