The Joy of teaching Primary

There is a huge difference between “Teaching content” and “Teaching Children”.  I have a strong feeling that we, as teachers, deliver content for older children.  Whereas for Primary, we just need to be there.  If they do not know their times tables, they will eventually master it by grade 6.  It is a lot more of other emotions for teachers teaching Primary.

I have always wondered if I have spoken, behaved, responded rightly at any given point of time.   Most of the children in Primary look for a “connect” in their home room teachers.  The connect need not be with respect to academics.  They look for comfort, security, and most importantly, warmth.  Every single day, they look forward for fresh ideas, news and thoughts from their teachers.   They bring in with them an infectious enthusiasm.  There is some sort of innocence and freshness in them which brings us unlimited joy!


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