Kadhai Carnival

As part of the 25th year celebrations, the school proudly presented “Kadhai Carnival” – one of the keystone events on December 21st and 22nd 2023. The entire KC community came together to produce two plays “One Cool Cat”, the preprimary and primary play and “Spartacus”, the secondary play.

One Cool Cat

A hilarious, yet heart-warming tale of a majestic feline, captured from Gir Sanctuary and taken to Gemini Jumbo Circus and then to Vandalur Zoo in Chennai, navigating obstacles with the help of a benevolent ally. In this amazing journey, cynical animals from diverse backgrounds, fur filchers, and a seemingly bumbling police force come together. They demonstrate a harmonious coexistence in the diverse and beautiful planet that we call home. Will the Cool Cat make it back home… home is where the heart is.


This is a dramatic story of the slave uprising led by Spartacus against the Roman Empire. A historical exploration of the idea that all mankind is free and has a right to freedom. The story narrates Spartacus’s background when he was working in the Nubian mines and was bought and trained to be a gladiator by Demetrius. Spartacus survives brutal training as a gladiator and leads a revolt against the decadent Roman Republic. A story that inspires and empowers with its themes of struggle to rise above herculean odds in an unjust society.

The plays were a spectacular success and the entire community was enthralled by the visually stunning and emotionally clasping shows and the sense of camaraderie. The videos of both the plays will soon be uploaded on the School’s official YouTube channel.


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