KC Cares for Animals (2022)

KC Cares for Animals is a magazine on animal welfare that is run by the students of KC High. This year the magazine was planned, curated, and edited by the Grade 7 learners. They split themselves into smaller groups, such as the design team, write-up team, meme team, testimonials & interview team, visual arts team, and coordination team. Over the entire academic year, the learners interviewed teachers, people who run a pet shelter, and pet-lovers. Their reflections were then edited and added as testimonials. They curated a series of write-ups, testimonials, art work, and even created memes. They also planned a fund-raising drive for Adhvika Foundation, a pet shelter in Perambur. The funds were handed over to Mr. Shanmuga Sundaram of Adhvika for their new shelter. This was finally edited, reviewed, and published as KC Cares for Animals 2021-22. 

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Learners’ Anecdotes  

I was part of the bake sale we did for our service learning fundraiser where the proceeds will go to a pet welfare foundation. I want to help the animals by participating in this fundraiser. -Jun Hyuk  

I want to feed the stray dogs because they are poor and that makes me sad. -Kaveesh P.M.  

My sister and I feed the stray dogs and cats on our street. We have been doing this for a year now, and we do this because they don’t have a home. -Avni Lulla  

I was part of the art workshop that we conducted for the SS we did as a part of our service learning fundraiser. The proceedings of this workshop were donated to a pet welfare foundation, which is my contribution towards animal welfare. -Arya Goudhaman, Grade 7

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