KC Cares for Animals

“KC High Cares For Animals” aims to educate, encourage and spread awareness towards the welfare of animals. 

Key objectives include:

  1. Encouraging families to consider Adoption 
  2. Create awareness about animal abuse
  3. Raise donations for vaccination & sterilization
  4. Sensitize students on animal welfare
  5. Take steps towards conservation and awareness about endangered animals, reptiles and insects

Here’s a story of Khaleesi…

A female stray cat had littered in school premises and was identified by the school. KC decided to give the kittens good homes and advertise them to adoption. Uthraa aunty had generously agreed to foster the cat and kittens until they were adopted. The kittens now have secure and loving homes.

The mother cat has been adopted by the school. Her name is Khaleesi and Sindhu aunty had taken the responsibility to vaccinate and sterilize Khaleesi for further health benefits. Khaleesi and her kittens are now in safe environments and have been taken care of. 

– Aanya Ebrahim, Grade 8

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