KC High Galloping Gazelles Field Trip to 13 Degrees North

KC High International School Chennai GG Field Trip 13 Degrees North

Students of grade 4 , Gallopping Gazelles had an hands-on experience visiting the plant nursery “13 Degrees North” on ECR. The trip was an extension of the formal science lesson on “The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants”. They were amazed to see a variety of plants like woody shrubs, cactii, succulents, palms, bamboo, orchids and how bonsais were grown. They also saw water plants and trees.

The nursery in-charge Ms. Kavitha gave the children a tour around the place and explained the different conditions the different plants needed to grow in. The students were excited to interact with her and asked her a lot of questions about the plants there. This visit beyond the classroom helped them to develop their observation skill. They were also able to connect the explanations to scientific knowledge. It was a consolidation of previous learning.

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