KC High Grade 1 field trip to the Chennai Egmore Railway Station

The objective of this field visit to the Chennai Egmore Railway Station was to create an awareness about an important landmark in Chennai in keeping with the social science unit – My City – Chennai.

Two buses were arranged for all the kids and accompanying teachers. It took around 40 minutes to reach the venue. On route, the teacher explained about Mount Road having another name called Anna Salai. Then when the bus crossed the Government Museum the teacher explained its significance. The students saw Metro Railway Construction and spotted ATMs , Banks and Adyar River.

Activities at the Station:

Activity 1: The children were asked to observe the architecture of the Egmore station.

Activity 2: Each student was given Rs.10 and was made to stand in the queue to get their own platform ticket. They read the details printed on the ticket.

Activity 3: The children were taken inside the station, and were asked to listen to the announcements being given. They read the schedule boards for the trains that were arriving. They were then taken on the overhead bridge and from here they observed the trains that were waiting on the platforms. They saw an electric train and a goods train too! They were also shown the platform numbers.

Activity 4: Post snack time, learners were taken into the AC Coach of Pallavan Super Fast Train.

Reflection of the trip was done linking it to LA, Social Science, and Math.

  • In LA students completed a creative writing piece on the topic “If I Was a Train”.
  • In Social Science, they drew a map tracing the route from KC High to Egmore Station, including in it the important roads and few landmarks.
  • In Math, they worked on calculating how much money they would require to get platform tickets for their family members, and if they paid more, how much change would they get.
  • They also did a collage of drawings of various things they saw inside the station.
  • It was a great time for bonding as students opened up more about their likes, dislikes and fears in a non-classroom setting.

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  • Vidya /

    This is an awesome way to teach children,transdisciplinary at that.

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