KC High Grade 1 visit to the Kotturpuram police station

KC High Grade 1 visit to Kotturpuram police station - 2

The KC High students of Grade 1 visited Kotturpuram police station on August 22,2017. The objective of the visit was to understand the contribution of different people in the neighbourhood who help us live safely and comfortably. Children interacted with the police personnel at the station to understand their role and everyday workings. They also clarified the many questions and doubts that they had.

The Kotturpuram Police were extremely friendly and non-intimidating. They patiently answered all the thought provoking questions posted by the children. Children also went on a tour around the station and observed the Inspector’s room, jails, notice boards, CCTV’s  and firearms. Few children got a chance to try the walkie-talkie. This gave them an opportunity to understand the purpose behind using a walkie-talkie. It was an exciting learning experience for them.

After the visit one child said, “I have learnt to respect the police. They are doing a lot of work to keep us safe.” As an effort to thank the police personnel for their hard work in keeping the neighbourhood and Chennai city safe, children made them a ‘Thank you’ card. This was much appreciated by the officers.

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