KC High Grade 10 and 12 Students Camp at Rishikesh with INME

Testimonial on the INME experience Rishikesh by Tiana, Grade X

Our experience at the inme camp was great and full of fun and learning. This camp helped me learn things about myself that I never knew about, things I never thought I was capable of doing. The instructors at inme were extremely thoughtful ,considerate and motivating creating activities for us that were engaging and fun. All these activities that were created for us , each helped us acquire Various skills and taught us different things that are very important in life most of which we understand  now , and some of it which hopefully we will understand later on In the future. Apart from the activities , the environment around us was very different from what we were used to and this took us a while to adjust to but eventually all or atleast most of us learnt to find comfort and adapt to the place around us which not only helped us at the camp but I’m sure which will help us in the future as well. Our experience was enriching , full of excitement and learning and I hope to go on another camp with inme soon.

Testimonial on the INME experience Rishikesh by Amrita Ramkumar, Grade X

My experience at INME’s camp was fun, challenging and exhilarating. The camp was planned on the basis of individual tasks and teamwork, we were taught about the importance of solving problems, instead of quitting as a team and individually. A few other things that were taught at the camp were discipline, responsibility and respecting your surroundings. Personally, I was not the best at adjusting to change, but camp helped me overcome this issue. I was apprehensive of certain tasks and situations but with the help and support of the instructors and well-planned activities I was able to overcome my fears. The instructors were kind, patient and motivating and helped me learn important lessons that I will never forget, they were one of the best parts of the camp. Overall I had a great experience at camp and I’m looking forward to many more such interactions.

Testimonial on the INME experience Andamans by Rania, Grade XII

This year, grades 11 and 12 from KC High went for an INME trip to Andaman! I was really looking forward to this trip for many reasons. I realised last year during our KE expedition that INME trips are formed in a manner that everything we do over the course of the trip teaches us something that we would probably hold on for a very long time. And this trip to Andaman personally taught me a lot. Not just the fact that I was in a new environment, experiencing and learning new things but also just being more reflective, understanding myself, the people and the environment that surrounds me better (all through fun activities). I was only able to do this as INME doesn’t allow phones or any such devices on their trips, making us live in the moment and experiencing everything to the fullest (which usually doesn’t happen when we’re starting at our phones). However, as a whole, the trip and all the activities were organised so well that I think it brought out all possible emotions within and among us.

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