KC High Grade 4 Students Field Trip to Learning Community, Quest at Pallavakam

KC High IGCSE Cambridge International School Chennai Grade 4 students Field Trip to the Learning Community, Quest at Pallavakam - 9

On 14th of July, KC High Cambridge International School students of Grade 4 had an opportunity to attend a workshop on photography at the Learning Community, Quest at Pallavakam. The workshop was a perfect extension of their learning in the classroom. The learners have been working on light and shadow experiments in Science. At the workshop, they connected various aspects of light and shadow, to the art of photography.

The students were completely engaged in hands-on activities during the entire workshop. Mr. Raghavan, a professional photographer, demonstrated how to apply the principles of lighting, shadows and colour while taking pictures. Students learnt to change the quality of photographs by adjusting the amount and the direction of light, with the help of external light sources.

Learners had a lot of fun becoming models, photographers and light technicians, handling additional flash lights. During the workshop, they came up with interesting questions. Towards the end, the learners also had a chance to look at some professional photographs created by the facilitator and studied how those photographs were captured.

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