KC High Grade 6 Students Explore The Rich History of Mamallapuram

KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai Grade 6 Trip to Mamallapuram

Descubre – Grade 6 trip to Mamallapuram by Lekha Bhattacharjee, VI Spells

Mamallapuram, the old city of the Pallavas, rich with history and culture, the perfect place for learning and developing. A picturesque tourist site, Mamallapuram is also one of the best places to visit when learning about the Pallava Reign in India. Because of the historic architecture and stunning statues, caves, and temples, Mamallapuram makes a brilliant field trip venue, and it was where the Grade 6 students of KC High went just last week. Our trip to Mamallapuram was both exciting and enriching, and we had the chance to visit the Shore Temple, Arjuna’s Penance, Krishna’s butterball, and many other ancient monuments. Hans Sir and Preethi aunty, as well as Ms. Farasha and Christal aunty,  accompanied us on the trip, and guided us through the remains of the beautiful town. We learnt about the way Mamallapuram was uncovered from it’s 10 centuries of being forgotten, and how archaeologists restored the site. We were also given the chance to understand how these temples were built, how the rocks were cut, and how the historic pieces are protected from sea erosion. We listened to stories, observed ancient scripts, and learn so much about Mamallapuram and it’s deep mysterious history.  After the trip, we went through our notes and began preparing for our DESCUBRE presentations. The trip was a perfect way to build up our understanding of ancient India, and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

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