KC High Grade 9 Students Turn Entrepreneurs To Launch Lekker Health Bars

KC High IGCSE Cambridge International School Grade 9 Entrepreneurs Launch Lekker Health Bars - 4

The idea behind Lekker sparked on a bright sunny afternoon during the Christmas Bazaar, held at KC High. The 9th graders wanted to set up a stall to put into test their learnings from business studies. They not only worked on making these bars but also spent hours figuring out the costing, the packaging and the marketing.

Mr. Madan from Kimberley House had a stall right next to the 9th graders. He was very impressed with the Granola bars baked by Netra. It was then that the business offer was made to Netra, Naveen and Rishab, 9th graders of KC High. Based on the offer, the students worked on the sourcing, costing and the manufacturing process of the product. The outcome of this was the product named “LEKKER”- a healthy, organic granola bar.

KC High is proud to share the news of their first ever product launch by their student entrepreneurs. The product will be sold commercially at the Coimbatore airport, by the Kimberley House.

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