KC High Inter-House Cultural 2019

KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai Inter-House Cultural 2019

Amidst deadlines and the IOCs of the IB, the task of bringing together their entire house and do something culturally fabulous was given to the house captains of the Agni, Pavan, Jal and Prithvi houses.

The theme of ‘Inter-house Cultural, 2019’ was “Kingdoms” for the students of Middle and High School and “Dream City” for the students of the Primary School. Since the limiting reagent in the whole equation was time, planning was key. Once the themes were announced to the captains of the respective houses, they got together with their house members and formed core teams for script writing, Music, dance, Props, lighting, sound, and sometimes even for “audience participation”.

A whole range of “21st century skills” were on display as teams planned how to showcase their kingdom as unique, and the dialogues reflected citizens of kingdoms being socially egalitarian, having sustainable ways of living, and having a keen sense of economic management. To the audience, many of the performances were eye-openers and every performance gave deep insight into the immense social responsibility carried by our future generations. Similar ideals served as pillars for the performances from Primary school performances and the judges along with the audience were enthralled by the models they had created of their dream city and the performances they had staged.

At the end of a power-packed day, many teachers reflected on how things went and the predominant thoughts were that our learners have raised the bar and have touched newer heights in terms of producing high quality scripts, dialogues, acting, dancing, singing, and making props for their plays. Though one house emerged as a winner, the mutual appreciation every house members had for their friends in other houses served as an indicator that all our learners were in perfect alignment to the motto of KC High, “CARE, COLLABORATE, CATALYSE AND CREATE”.

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