KC High Inter-House Literary Fest 2017

KC Lit Fest - DD Writing a Culture Poem 4

Inter-House Literary Fest: Celebrating the spirit of Creativity, Collaboration and Healthy Competition!

The KC Community was filled with enthusiasm and a fine balance between competition and collaboration on 20th Jan. 2017, the day set aside for the Inter-House Literary Fest.  To add to the festive nature of the event, students were engaged in various fun-filled language and literature activities in addition to the competitive events: School-wide DEAR Time (Drop Everything and Read), Readers’ Corner, Writers’ Workshop, Bookmark designing, Musical Mood, Word Games, Floor Scrabble and a Scavenger Hunt. Students also masqueraded as their favorite authors or characters and brought them to life for the KC community. The Jallikattu episode brought this literary celebration to a halt at around 12 noon; this was disappointing, but the competitive events that did not take place that day were rescheduled for 7th Feb. and were performed with the same zealous spirit.

The teachers of the LA Department began their preparations for the Literary Fest much before the 20th of January, keeping in mind the goal to showcase the learning outcomes of the department through the activities organized for the day. These plans were discussed with our students, and a couple of changes were incorporated depending on how students responded to our initial plan. Each class engaged in activities that were a reflection of what was being done in their classrooms:

CC: Storyboard of a fable and enact it

LL: Spin a Yarn – Round Robin

DD: Writing a Cultural Poem & Choral Recitation

GG: Play Script and Presentation

SS: Acapella with Original Lyrics

Grade 6: Audio-Visual Presentation of a Poem (using I-Motion) & Presenting an Author

Grades 7 and 8: Creation of a Storyboard with a Theme (using set props)

Grade 8: Original Spoken Word Poetry

Grades 7 and 9: Scavenger Word Hunt & Character Presentation

The competitive events were judged by a few teachers of the school and external judges as well. The external judges were impressed with the high quality of presentations; they also enjoyed and appreciated the candor and confidence with which students reflected on the process that led to the final performance and on the performance itself. The ultimate compliment came from one of the judges who said, “I would like my child to study here!” Every person present took back memories that they will treasure for some time to come. Of course, Jal, the winning house will remember with a lot of pride the moment when their leader, Vedyasree, held aloft the prize.

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