KC High International School students participate in Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) India 2019

KC High International School students participate in Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) India 2019

HMUN INDIA 2019- A roller coaster of emotions indeed! Personally, this was my first MUN experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a great learning experience, and 5 months of hard work and research had undoubtedly payed off! Although I was nervous at the beginning, once committee sessions had started I found myself adapting to the circumstance and learnt several valuable lessons. Over the course of 4 days, I had the opportunity to present my research through the form of multiple speeches, and engage in debates with my fellow committee members. At the end of the fourth day , the first thought that struck my mind was, “Why didn’t you start MUNing earlier in life?”. Furthermore, the group that accompanied me through the journey, 8 ninth graders, definitely made this experience more memorable! Frankly speaking, I was at first apprehensive to “survive 4 whole days with ninth graders”, but from the moment we boarded the flight, my opinion completely changed! After every session, we would assemble as a group and discuss how our committees went. We would often bounce ideas off each other and this personally helped me a lot! On the whole, HMUN India was a great experience. Through this journey, I not only had the opportunity to learn a lot about the world of debating, but also had a chance to put my learning to test!

– Saadhana Seshardi, Grade 12

Being diplomatic. Coming up with treaties and solutions to world issues. Persuading countries to join your alliance. And getting the occasional unprofessional delegate to shut his mouth by throwing out some sharp and spicy points to the rest of the committee. MUN’s all about this kind of stuff. It gives us the ability to look at the world from a global perspective, develop the important skill of being able to empathize with others and to think quickly in times of crisis. And after going to HMUN India for the second time, I feel like I am gaining these abilities, step by step.

Over four days at HMUN India, I had to do everything I mentioned above, and I loved every minute of it. Model United Nations gives me the freedom to show people my love for current affairs around the world and the opportunity to show how I can make a difference. HMUN is the perfect place for a creative mind because at such a large conference you get the opportunity to showcase your ideas in terms of resolutions and solving problems to many other people. You also get to meet people from all over India, and from other countries too. Somehow a guy from Canada ended up in my committee! HMUN India is a diverse conference, and that helps learn more about how to work with people from different places and backgrounds, and how to make new friends as well as be diplomatic.

In conclusion, I will really miss HMUN India. It’s an intense conference, but brings so many people together and teaches you so many new skills when you are debating that you can use for the future.

– Rishi Bhattacharjee, Grade 9

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