KC High is setting an example by allowing students to choose community projects over holiday homework

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Have you ever looked at the people around you or the events unfolding every day and thought to yourself that our generation is losing basic values like kindness and care? Fortunately, the children at KC High, a Chennai-based international school restore our faith in humanity with their genuine passion to serve society. Every year, they are encouraged to take up projects that help them connect with their community, and understand the needs and challenges.

“At KC, we look at two main things — one is the quality of education and the other is community engagement. For the last two years, we haven’t given the kids any holiday homework during the summer. They are instead asked to involve themselves in some form of community service, the rationale behind it being that we need to be able to make some difference in our own neighbourhood before we can become leaders of tomorrow,” says the Deputy Head, Sindhu Suneel. Farheen, an actively involved parent is quick to point out that this, however, is not like the usual charity projects.

“It’s not a subject that they do as a one-time thing, it’s not something that they just want to show. It’s a habit that they want to inculcate in the kids,” she says.

We spoke to a few students about the projects they undertook and this is what they had to say:

“I volunteered at Blue Cross and I helped treat the animals there. That’s something I enjoy doing and through this process I’ve learnt compassion for these animals.” – Vikram Seshadri, Grade VII

“We went to Seva Sadan and The Little Flower Convent and recorded audio stories for blind students, so that they could listen to them and improve their reading. We did this because we really enjoy reading and we felt that everyone should get to enjoy that experience.” – Shreeya Jhaver , Grade V

“My project was to help trees live longer and healthier. I decided to do that because when I went to LA, I saw that most of the trees were dying because bark beetles were hindering circulation.” – ​Anika Vivek, Grade III

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